Since the very beginning, Stephen Valenta, the Founder and President of Offix, believed that the only way to grow a business was to provide the best products and services possible. Today this philosophy still holds true. With three locations and a customer base of over 8,500 businesses nationwide, Offix is committed to:

  • Providing the best products, services, and solutions to offer both short and long-term value to our customers.
  • Fostering the growth and development of its employees.
  • Enhancing the communities in which we live and work.

The Difference

Everyday customers choose Offix because of the value they receive when compared to other competitors. The secret to our advantage is simple:

  • We are focused on providing our customers with 100% satisfaction.
  • We are committed to delivering products, services, and solutions that produce long-term value.
  • We employ experienced, 100% certified technicians.
  • We offer a wide variety of complete document management solutions.