Processes and Technology

In 1987, after working for several companies, Steve Valenta, Owner and President of Offix, was unhappy with the limitations that other office solution companies put on his ability to provide great customer service. He decided that he could only provide clients with the best possible customer service through establishing his own business. His formation of a business driven by superior customer service, high quality products, and valuable solutions is why Offix continually gets client referrals.

Offix Focuses on 100% Customer Satisfaction

We are proud to work with businesses of all sizes, within every industry. Our processes ensure that each and every customer is treated with respect and receives a fully-customized program addressing specific needs, thereby creating both short and long-term value for our customers.


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  1. A solutions executive assesses your document management needs and develops an individualized plan of products and services that can serve your company best.
  2. Flexible and creative programs are designed to improve efficiencies and increase ROI.
  3. A team of technicians installs your equipment, making the proper network connections.
  4. A solutions executive trains you and your staff to use the new products effectively.
  5. We supply ongoing support and maintenance, and guarantee you 98% up-time.

We are committed to delivering products, services, and solutions that create long-term value.

  1. Providing Top Products from Top Manufacturers

    Offix partners with many leading manufacturers to help area businesses develop smart workplace strategies that solve office equipment frustrations and streamline document organization.  The Offix family of brands encompasses Canon, Sharp, Samsung, Konica Minolta, Oce, Kip, Secap, HP, Dell, MBM finishing products and Ricoh printers.  Lease, Rent or Buy from our Full Range of Trusted & Popular Products!

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  3. Long Lasting Guarantees

    • 15 Month Equipment and/or Money Back Guarantee
    • Upgrade without penalty with our 36 month lease upgrade guarantee
    • Exchange and/or loaners for malfunctioning printers
    • Free delivery, installation, and training with all maintenance contracts
  4. Reliable Service to Keep You Running

    The most important element in equipment uptime is preventative maintenance. With our hassle-free service agreements, you are guaranteed 95% uptime. ,If your equipment does not operate for a minimum of 95% of normal business hours in any year, we will credit your account for one month worth of service for that machine (equal to your contract allowance). We offer a guaranteed response time of 2-4 hours, so you can rest assured that our Certified Technicians are on their way to service you quickly in the event of a malfunction.