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   Printing Cost. . . A Hidden Expense

Thursday, September 18th, 2008

Did you know that printing cost is one of the biggest hidden expenses in a company’s budget?  All those different desk top printers that sit on individual’s desk cost the company money that is not tracked.  With today’s economy the system to help track the budget on each printer has become more important.

Copiers have been easy to track the volume and the company cost since your service company charges per click.  Now with print management systems your company can do the same with all your printers.  The print management system is seamless in the company’s everyday workflow.  The employees are not required to take anymore steps in their daily process.  Everything with these systems is done behind the scenes.

Next time you install another desktop printer think of the cost that it is adding to the company, and how tracking your cost can help your company.

original post date Sept. 18th, 2008

   Why should you deal with an authorized dealer?

Thursday, September 4th, 2008

Change is a constant!  That seems very true in the current copier industry.  Independent dealers are being bought by the larger manufacturer.  This is starting to cause a problem for the customer.  Are they still dealing with an authorized dealer who can provide them with the correct support for their copiers?

An authorized dealer has all the support needed from the manufacturer to give the customer good service. They are able to buy the parts that are necessary to fix the machine if it is having a problem.  The company technicians are able to go through constant training on the latest technology with the current machines.  An authorized dealer is provided with full support from the manufacturer.  If a machine is having problems and the certified technicians from the independent dealer cannot fix the problem a technician from the manufacturer will fly into the client’s location and fix the machine.

As a customer what type of service would you like?  After you make an investment into a copier you are not going to want to turn around and spend more money because your dealer cannot fix your machine.  An authorized dealer can help protect the consumer when they make a purchase.  Make sure you ask your dealer if they are authorized for the machine that they are selling you.

original post date Sept. 04, 2008