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   Caring for Your Copier

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

Many people think of a copier as a piece of machinery that you plug in without a need for upkeep. But there are service guidelines you must follow to keep your equipment functioning smoothly.

The everyday use of a copier or printer puts a considerable amount of wear and tear on the machine, much like how a vehicle’s performance may change over time if it is used frequently. Preventative maintenance is essential to keeping devices running efficiently, while warding off repairs and other disruptions. A poorly operating machine may have the unfortunate ripple effect of stalling work projects.

A good maintenance services agreement is one of the key elements for the proper upkeep of copiers and other equipment. A comprehensive maintenance program should cover the following elements: toner; consumables, except for paper and staples; all parts needed to fix the machine; firmware upgrades; preventative maintenance; and guaranteed uptimes on machines, or service that is free for that month that a device is inoperative.

Offix offers customers a “platinum service package” that includes: 24/7 service for customers at no additional charge; the offer of loaner machines within 7 business hours; free local equipment relocations; unlimited training on copiers; and a quarterly equipment and maintenance review. The company supplies troubleshooting support for network problems and certified printer repair services.

Offix also provides customers with an Imageware remote monitoring system that allows them to manage their printers, copiers, fax machines and other equipment, and to alert service technicians about any performance issues. Dell, Canon, Sharp and HP are among the product brands that Offix services.

In addition to having a thorough service agreement, you may also help maintain your own equipment by familiarizing yourself with the operating manual and keeping the copier clean of excessive dust and toner. Remember to always shut off the copier or printer and unplug it before you clean its parts. Also, pay attention to service indicators, such as the depletion of toner, which affects the quality of copies.

If you take the time to monitor the performance and upkeep of your device, you can help guarantee that your copying and printing needs will be fulfilled with as few glitches as possible.

oringal post date Oct. 27th, 2009