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   Benefits of the Fax Server over the Fax Machine

Friday, November 13th, 2009

As office technology begins to grow and multiply like paper-pushing rabbits, companies are beginning to integrate different services and devices together in order to combine and streamline the copy room clutter. Usage of the fax server is rising with the growing networked connectivity of the office environment, allowing for the sending and receiving of faxes via a dedicated server without the unnecessary waste of paper, or even more importantly, time.

Fax machines are a dying breed. Along with eating up costly supplies like toner or paper, it requires a separate phone line and can only transmit one job at a time. The fax server gives a cost effective and efficient solution for the customer and client.

Fax servers are essentially modem-capable hardware, either on a copy machine or a separate server, which allows the digital transmission of facsimile, and can be sent by email, virtual print job, web interface, or special client software. Likewise, the fax can also be received through those methods or placed in a networked file directory. In both cases of course, traditional paper fax can be transmitted as well.

This allows users a variety of options to send a fax, without the hassle of using a dedicated device with that single function. The server uses voice-over internet protocol (VoIP), eliminating the need for a paid phone line.  There is no more line at the machine, no more maintenance, no more wait time, and of course, less paper and toner.

Offix provides several machines with fax server capabilities built in. Canon provides quite a few models, from solitary servers like the Captaris RightFax that manages both imageRUNNER and eCopy services, to device-integrated servers like the D1170 Copier. Similarly, the Sharp FO-2080 can copy, print, and email faxes. As with all other products, Offix offers comprehensive maintenance service programs that will always cover your machine.

Clients are urged to look into fax servers as an economical way to create a more productive and hassle-free faxing office environment.

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