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   Copier Hard Drive Security

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

Used copy machines are readily available on the market at cheap prices, and they are sold all around the world. Any sensitive information left on the hard drives can potentially become a digital disaster. It is highly recommended that you take the necessary steps to secure the data on your HDD.

Just like computers, copiers have hard disk drives that save a digital image of every document that is ever scanned or faxed on it. The information on these HDDs is unprotected, and with so many leased copiers changing ownership, there is a great amount of unsolicited information that can potentially be hacked and used by the wrong people.

Documents scanned on copiers contain many vital and private pieces of information – addresses, account numbers, policy numbers, financial statements, etc. This is a risk not only at your own business, but the businesses your own information is stored at, personally or professionally. Banks, insurance companies, government agencies, and so on, are all susceptible.

If you lease your copier device, then you or your company does not actually own it, and hence, you cannot remove the hard drive before returning it to the leasing company. There are two options you can take to ensure that the information is protected:

#1: Erase the hard drive. Your copier company can usually perform this service, either as part of its maintenance package or for an extra fee.

#2: Purchase an HDD Data encryption security kit. These are devices that attach to your copier and encrypt the data before the image is written onto the hard drive. Different manufacturers have different kits for their products, so research carefully before buying one if you choose this option.

Recent polls discovered how few people know about this issue. Take precaution and make sure you’re not putting yours or others information at risk, so that productivity and efficient copying can continue without a problem.