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   Consider these tips before switching back to black and white printing

Monday, July 18th, 2011

With increased global crises, the current recession and the rising costs of maintaining technology printers and copiers seem like a small but good place to start being frugal. As more and more businesses are trying to save money, many are switching back to black and white printing. But before you decide to say goodbye to color printing forever, consider the following:

There are Many Shades in Black and White

Before deciding whether to switch to black and white printing as default, make sure your color photocopier or printer is capable of economic black and white printing. Some color network printers print in black and white by using all the colors together; if this is the case, then switching to black and white output would not be more cost effective and could instead increase the amount of color toner used.

Pennywise – Pound Foolish

Switching from color to black and white printing may require the replacement of all network printers. Before you decide to make the switch, compare the long-term costs of replacing your entire print fleet with your current expenditure verses the price of keeping what you already have.

Outsourcing Costs More

Studies have shown that when you incorporate the cost of outsourcing color prints, it often works out more cost efficiently to conduct all printing in-house, and to maintain photocopiers and printers for promotional and sale materials, or any other materials that need to capturing attention and deliver extra impact.

Uncover the Hidden Costs

Document expenditures average 6% of overall revenues across all industries,and developing a strict print strategy is one of the quickest and simplest ways to save money. On a basic level, this could mean only using the photocopiers for color output when absolutely necessary. Most organizations would benefit more from a holistic approach that simplifies complex workflows, maximizes efficiency, and addresses all out of control printing and copying costs. If done correctly, it is possible for companies of all sizes to become more efficient and increase productivity, while reducing long-term costs even while keeping color devices.