The most important element in equipment uptime is preventative maintenance.

In a September 2008 blog post we discussed the benefits of choosing an authorized dealer.  We mentioned that it is important to have your printer checked and tuned up on a regular schedule to help enhance the value of having an authorized dealer. While an authorized dealer will ensure that you are receiving the best technical expertise, customer service, and original manufacturer equipment, without ongoing maintenance no dealer – authorized or not – can guarantee reliable and consistent equipment uptime. Regular maintenance will save you money by maintaining optimum productivity levels of your machine and by avoiding issues that can cause costly office equipment repair bills.

Regularly scheduled preventive maintenance is required for the MFP to consistently provide high quality prints, extend the life of the equipment, keep items maintained and working efficiently, and nearly eliminates equipment down-time.  Good maintenance programs will guarantee at least 95% uptime of your regular business hours over the course of an entire year.

Additionally, a comprehensive program will also include technology that will diagnose problems before they occur, stop unnecessary spending by identifying overworked or under-used devices, and eliminate printer chaos. In some cases, maintenance plans also save you money on supplies such as paper and toner. Some plans even include free shipping and free meter readings.

Basic plans may be included as a part of your printer lease or buying package, while other plans with added features come at an additional monthly cost, but ensure your printers’ long and hassle free work life. To help you choose the plan that is right for you, your vendor should analyze the number of needed printers for your organization network, the different printer brands, and the projected workload in addition to other factors that are unique to your organization.

When choosing a maintenance provider, be sure to consider the providers’ authorization to work with different brands, their experience, the completeness of the program, and included guarantees in addition to the costs.




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