I loved this blog post by David Murphy on June 4, 2008 on “Simple things your company or organization can do to save electricity:” I have posted them below – pass them on to your co-workers!

1. Power down: Copiers consume the most energy of all types of office equipment and use power even when sitting idle. Turn copiers and printers off at night and on the weekends.

2. Print duplex: Electricity is not only used to create documents, but also for the production of the paper on which it is printed. Set your printer and copier to automatically default to making two-sided copies.

3. Re-use: Reduce paper usage by printing on the back side of used paper. Many schools set a paper box beside the copier for discarded copies so the the next person can use the back side of the paper.

4. Preview before you print: Cases of paper end up in the dumpster due to documents not printing as the user expected. Use your “print preview” to reduce the number of unwanted prints.

5. Sleep to save: Copiers and printers are on all day but only used for a small part of the day. Use the “stand-by” and “sleep” modes available on the device.

6. Don’t print it: How many times do you print an email or memo to read it and then just throw it out. Save electricity and paper and just read it from the monitor, you can always print it later if you need to.

7. Get the right size: A mid-volume (20 to 44 copies per minute) copier in a low-volume office can use 70% more energy per page than an efficient low-volume (under 20 copies per minute) copier.

8. Strategic placement: Place printers and MFPs strategically around the office so several people or groups can use the same printer.

9. Get out of the heat: Buying more office equipment raises energy consumption and also makes work areas hotter and this requires more power for cooling. Put printing devices in areas with natural ventilation and good airflow to reduce the need for air-conditioning.

10. Energy Star: Look for the Energy Star logo when buying office equipment. The logo ensures that the device has automatic power-management features and therefor a better use of energy.

original post date June 23rd, 2008

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