Category: Postage Meters
Manufacturer: Secap


The DP400 breaks new ground for the small business mailer, using cutting edge IntelliLink® technology for increased productivity and ease of use, so you can achieve fast and accurate mail processing. With the DP400's advanced features, you will have the capabilities of a fully functional mail center, all from a compact footprint.


Benefits of the DP400:

Seals and applies postage fast, up to 95 letters per minute

Feeds envelopes automatically up to 5/16” thick

Postage can be replenished online, 24/7, to save valuable time

Internal rating selects the most effective and economical postage rates

Track postal expenses for up to 50 accounts with an option to track up to 300 accounts

Tape adds speed by auto feeding up to 50 strips

Integrated weighing option so you can you process oversized envelopes and small parcels

User friendly control center with dedicated functions, labeled keys and QWERTY keyboard for faster processing


Technical Specifications



Up to 95 letters per minute



Envelope Size

Minimum 3” x 4.13”

Maximum 11.6” x 13.39”


Minimum: .007”, Maximum: .31”

Flap Depth

Minimum: 1”, Maximum: 3”



Auto strip up to 50 tapes


Job Presets: 10


Optional Weighing:

Integrated Weighing Platforms

2 lb., 5 lb., 10 lb.

Interfaced Platform Scales

15 lb., 30 lb., or 70 lb.


Connectivity Requirements:

Connects to a standard analog phone line. Set up kit includes phone splitter and 25’ phone cord.


Physical Characteristics:

Dimensions (base with drop stacker):

33”W x 17.5”D x 12.3”H

(dimensions exclude stacking tray)



30 lbs.

(includes feeder and weighing platform)



100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, .65-3A



UL Approved, FCC Compliant

ENERGY STAR® Compliant,

Digital IBIP Postal Compliant