Products Overview

Offix partners with many leading manufacturers to help area businesses develop smart workplace strategies that solve office equipment frustrations and streamline document organization.  The Offix family of brands encompasses Canon, Sharp, Samsung, Konica Minolta, Oce, Kip, Secap, HP, Dell, FP Mailing, MBM finishing products and Ricoh printers.  Lease, Rent or Buy from our Full Range of Trusted & Popular Products!

Whatever your organization demands from your office solutions systems, Offix has a solution that is right for you. Our extensive and state-of the-art product line includes equipment suitable for just about every type of business environment. But because we know that no two organizations are exactly the same, our technicians and solution managers customize specific and tailored programs to meet your specific requirements. With Offix your organization will be able to increase efficiency, manage complex workflows, reduce costs and create stunning presentations quickly and easily.


  • Achieve higher levels of efficiency, and communicate ideas with increased speed and clarity.
  • Accomplish more in less time, deliver brilliant results, and help move business faster no matter what the business environment.
  • Complex jobs are made simple with software and controls that guide users and prevent waste, so users can power through projects on a regular basis.


Today, every new machine seems to tout many more features than the previous generation. As a result, users can be overwhelmed with “feature-overload.” Offix business solutions offer:

  • User Interfaces that are intuitive
  • Allows users to quickly understand device options with maximizing accessibility


Inter-office collaboration between staff members and individuals, who may be telecommuting, is inadvertently increasing the chances for disclosing sensitive information. Offix helps your organization meet your security needs by:

  • Providing document management solutions that meet compliance and regulatory standards, such as HIPAA, and Sarbanes-Oxley.
  • Provides security options to protect the reproduced and transmitted information that flows throughout your entire network of equipment.