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Offix Managed Print Solutions is a comprehensive print management system that optimizes the potential of your fleet of output devices.  Our team of professionals utilizes a holistic workflow and output assessment in order to provide your organization with a clear picture of your current print environment.  We’ll use our expertise to partner with you to devise a strategy that will allow your organization to control & manage costs, maximize productivity and to focus on your core competencies.

It makes sense that workflow optimization leads to increased productivity, which in turn translates into higher profits. However, most businesses struggle with simplifying their complex workflows and maximizing efficiency. Offix partners with leading vendors and develops innovative approaches that make streamlining document management, managing and measuring costs, and increasing efficiency, productivity, and profits EASY! Our proven processes have helped companies of all sizes become more efficient and productive, while they reduce long-term costs.


Preventive Maintenance Programs

Preventive maintenance on a regular basis extends the life of the equipment and is required to provide users with high quality prints on a reliable basis.  The preventive maintenance program developed by Offix is the most comprehensive one on the market.  Our Certified Service Technicians are specially trained in preventive maintenance techniques.


Other Office Equipment & Services

We specialize in copiers and printers, but we also provide sales, supplies and servicing for mailing equipment, scanners, fax machines, shredders, inserters, integrated software solutions and managed print solutions.  Contact us today if you need to expand your current office equipment setup.


Nationwide Network


Offix is one of the fastest growing independent office equipment dealers in the United States. Our proven processes have helped companies of all sizes become more efficient, increase productivity, while reducing long-term costs. Since its inception in 1999, Offix has been dedicated to supplying customers with industry-leading digital copiers, printers, facsimiles, plus network and software solutions nationwide.

Offix is proud to deliver unprecedented customer service regardless of your location in the US. While we are located within the Northern Virginia, Washington, D.C., Metropolitan, and Richmond areas, we provide our services nationwide through a network of authorized and respected partners.

We are proud to serve a wide range of customers from large corporations with multiple offices to small organizations with just a few people. Because of our commitment to customer service, Offix has grown to a customer base of over 8,500 with a 94.5 % retention rate nationwide.


Toner Recycling

Toner cartridge recycling is easy, free, and good for the environment. Canon and HP have step-by-step mailing instructions and shipping labels included with all new cartridge boxes. When your toner cartridge is empty, just place it the box which contained the new toner cartridge and send the empty cartridge back to them. Most toner manufacturers pay for the shipping costs involved. Some manufacturers even arrange for pick-up of larger amounts of used cartridges. For more information, contact the original manufacturer of your copier or printer.