We offer a full range of trusted and popular software solutions to all our clients.  Certain softwares are included free of charge to our customers.  We also offer multiple other software solutions depending on your business type and need that can be purchased or added into any lease deal.  Offix is 100% focused on providing the best customer service possible.  As a part of this focus, we offer solutions to maximize your environment through effective workflow organization, service and software.

Each Offix Account (if equipment allows) includes:


Remote Monitoring

Offix has several options for remote monitoring systems.  When the equipment allows, Offix includes a remote monitoring system as a courtesy with a service agreement.  Remote monitoring systems help our clients cut costs, streamline processes and better manage your entire fleet of printers, copier, fax machines, and multifunction equipment. Diagnosing problems before they occur and identifying over-worked or under-used devices is key to stopping unnecessary spending and printer chaos.

  • E-Info

    E-info is a free web based service that Offix provides to all customers.  The e-info web portal allows us to share information, in real time with our customers and vice versa.  This allows us to provide better and quicker service.  You do not have to use e-info, but most find it very helpful.  The site allows you to view all equipment you have serviced with Offix whether it is under contract or not.  You can instantly initiate service requests, input meter readings, view equipment summaries, and view the status of accounts, order supplies, pay invoices and more – all online.  Click here for E-Info

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  • ImageWARE Remote

    This software is for Canon equipment, but it is not able to be installed on all machines.  When applicable, imageWARE Remote is installed free of charge and allows your device to “call out for help” whenever service is required to keep it up and running.  Through imageWARE Remote, Offix will receive an alert as soon as an issue arises, often before the customer even realizes there is a problem!  A technician will then be dispatched with all the appropriate parts to bring to your device back to optimal performance.  You will also no longer have to collect meter reads, as they are automatically reported for you in a timely manner.  ImageWARE Remote is also capable of delivering Offix a notice when toner cartridges are low.  Upon receiving the notice, Offix can automatically ship additional toner to you before it is completely depleted!  This software is a secure and simple way to reduce downtime and keep your business up and running.  If your equipment has imageWARE Remote installed, a separate imageWARE Remote guide will be provided in your Welcome Pack. 

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  • FM Audit

  • FM Audit is a software solution commonly referred to as a secure data collection agent.  At Offix we use it in three ways to help enhance our customer service: to identify all of the machines that we service, provide preventative maintenance, and to collect meter reads. 

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Service Call Alerts & Follow Up Survey Software

Offix uses a system that provides customers with alerts delivering information and the status of their service call.  In addition, once the service call has been completed, a follow up survey will be emailed to you.  You can opt out of alerts and surveys at any time.


Offix also partners with the following best in class software providers:

  • Intact SMART: Document Storage

    Intact SMART is a document management system that is full of features with complete enterprise grade functionality.  Intact SMART has all the applications needed for effective document management.  In one economical package it offers scanning software, barcode printing, auditing software, database management, copier integration, file cabinets, and much more.  With version control, inter-application connectivity, instant searching and a feature list that goes on and on, Intact SMART makes you look intelligent just by using it

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  • E-Copy: Solutions

    Operational efficiency and business productivity can improve dramatically with an eCopy solution.  Time and energy spent finding, copying, sorting, routing, filing, and securing hardcopy documents can be put to better use.  Consolidate paper and electronic processes into a single workflow.  Easily and securely integrate information into business application solutions.  Ask us for more information about eCopy solutions:

    • Personal Productivity: eCopy PDF Pro Office
    • Document Processing and Automation: eCopy ShareScan Suite
    • General Office Collaboration: eCopy ShareScan Office
    • Uniform Enterprise Scanning: eCopy ShareScan Elements

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  • imageWARE Enterprise Management Console: Accounting Management Plug-ins

    Accounting Management Plug-ins are available for your cost control/accounting needs.  This is a modular upgrade to the imageWARE Enterprise Management Console device management framework.  This web-based solution lets organizations’ track, analyze, and recover costs associated with the copy, print, scan, and fax activities centered on compatible hardcopy devices. In addition, the Accounting Management Plug-in provides an effective and economic solution for customers in the legal, consulting, and engineering fields.  By using the Accounting Management Plug-in's 3-tiered billing code functionality, customers in these industries can easily account for document production and charge their clients for these services.

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  • Uniflow: Gain printing environment control

    In nearly every office, a significant proportion of printing costs are being wasted through unnecessary color printing, excessive non-business usage, failure to select the device best suited for a particular job, and many other common inefficiencies.  In fact, industry studies suggest that organizations can reduce costs by as much as 30% or more by optimizing their printing environment.  Encourage responsible printing behaviors.  Help eliminate frustrations caused by over-used or faulty print devices.  Canon’s uniFLOW is designed to save you time and money by providing effective control over your entire print fleet.  uniFLOW has two options, depending on your business size:

    • uniFLOW for SMB (for small to medium sized businesses)
    • uniFLOW (for large businesses)
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