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Buy or lease. Select the perfect product from our full line of printers, copiers, and office technology from Canon, Sharp, Samsung and more. Drive business productivity further, with the best products and our award-winning service.




With industry-best response time and ASTP-certified technicians, we guarantee that your equipment will be in perfect shape all the time. Less down-time means more productivity and less cost to your structure.




Save up to 30% on print cost with this stress-free solution for your print fleet. Let Offix take the guesswork out of copier/printer maintenance, ensure up-time for your entire fleet, and finally be free to focus on your business.


Lease, Buy and Service Your Copier and Printer

Offix is a full service office equipment distributor. As an award-winning dealer, we are recognized as one of the best providers of copiers, printers and postage meters in Virginia, Maryland and the Washington DC metro area. Offix offers leasing, sale and service for the full line of copiers and multifunction printers by Canon, HP and Sharp, as well as mail software, postage meters, scanners and more. Whether you are small business or large corporation with multiple locations, let our experts help you find the perfect solution for your business technology, and our white-glove service, ATSP certified technicians deliver, install and service your equipment, for a no-hassle, scalable solution. We are a Canon Authorized Dealer, with numerous awards, including Top Dealer and Premier Gold Achievement.

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How Offix Can Save You Money

We know that choosing a copier, printer, postage meter or any other piece of technology for your office and business is not easy and it’s not fun. That’s why we have created a simple, fast and risk-free way to make that decision.

Our consultants will conduct an analysis and review your current products and processes, and will deliver an overview of how your business can save money through more efficient products and services. What’s more, we back that promise up with our Service Smart® Guarantees.

If you’re thinking about replacing or adding a copier, printer, postage meter, or want to find out how our Managed Print Services can save you money and make you more efficient, contact us for a no-obligation overview and solution.

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