5 Reasons to Switch to FP Mailing Solutions

5 Reasons to Switch to FP Mailing Solutions

When choosing mailing equipment for your business, you have a variety of companies to choose from: Pitney Bowes, Quadient, and Data-Pac, to name a few. While the postage meter and mailing equipment field can feel crowded and difficult to navigate, there is one company that can save you the most time and money on your business mailing solutions. Here are 5 reasons why the switch to FP Mailing Solutions from Offix is a good idea.

1.Local Support

As an authorized distributor of FP Mailing products in Virginia, Washington DC, and Maryland, Offix support and assistance is always local. Whether you need technical assistance or want to learn more about new mailroom equipment, contact your nearest Offix location, and we can send one of our mailing specialists to your business’s location. You never have to worry about getting assistance over the phone from other out-of-state again: we live where you live, and know what matters to you.

Offix has offices that support FP Mailing Solutions in Richmond, Norfolk, on the Eastern Shore, and in Gainesville, just outside of Washington, D.C. in Northern Virginia.

2. Guaranteed Response Time

There is nothing more inefficient than needing assistance with office technology and being relegated to phone-only service. If your mailroom equipment ever needs assistance, you’ll never have to spend hours in a phone queue hoping that someone will answer. With all of our FP Mailing equipment at Offix,  we always offer our legendary four-hour guaranteed response time with every purchase. With Pitney Bowes or other companies, guaranteed response time programs will cost you up to five times more!

3. Rental and Lease Terms Designed for Your Business

Offix and FP Mailing Solutions offer the broadest choice of lease and rental agreements compared to any other mailing equipment manufacturer. This means that we create agreements to fit the needs of your business: from 12 months to 63 months. Custom agreements also mean that more equipment is available to your organization for rental, to better fit your needs.

This level of flexibility is NOT available with Pitney Bowes and other companies. There’s a reason more and more businesses across the United States are making the switch to FP Mailing Solutions products: from mailing solutions, including postage meters and folders inserters, to shipping solutions and shipping software, Offix and FP Mailing has you covered!

Equipment Fees

Did you know Pitney Bowes and other companies charge equipment fees just for adding postage to your machine? Every Pitney Bowes machine has a credit threshold: this means that you can purchase only up to a certain amount of postage a month. Each time you pass that threshold, you are assessed a 1% fee, which cannot be waived. FP Mailing knows how important it is to manage your business based on varying needs. That’s why FP Mailing never charges these fees on their postage meters.

5. Hidden Fees

Be careful of hidden fees! Pitney Bowes and other mailing companies charge additional monthly fees that are not insurance and cover what your equipment business insurance should already cover: loss due to theft and non-negligent damage, among other causes.  These unnecessary fees are automatically tacked onto your monthly bill, and the only way to avoid them is to file a request to opt out. Offix and FP Mailing Equipment never charge these fees on your mailing equipment.

Switch to FP and Save

Schedule a free consultation to find out how much you can save when you switch.

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