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7 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Copier or Printer

Your copier or printer can at times be the most important member on your team. And when one of your best workers suddenly stops working, everyone feels the results, slowing or even halting your business. With any large investment, you want to get the largest return, meaning you need your office technology to work well and to work often. More than likely, a copier doesn’t need to be replaced and just needs maintenance, like a car; however, if your copier is noticeably slower and working less efficiently after having been serviced, it may be time to think about replacing your office technology. Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation and in the meantime, here are some signs and reasons for replacing your office equipment:

1. It Isn’t Meeting Expectations or Demand

If there’s often a line in front of your copier or if you have to frequently replace the paper or toner for a machine, it may be time for an upgrade. Owning a machine that underperforms and/or doesn’t have the capacity to meet to meet your printing demand consumes both time and money, making your business less efficient overall. Imagine owning a copier that produces 5,000 copies a month. If this copier was running just 2 seconds slower per copy, your business would spend nearly another 3 hours per month making copies, unnecessarily costing you both time and money. When your equipment can’t support the daily functions of your employees, then it can’t properly support your business.

2. It Costs More Than It’s Worth

Faulty and/or outdated equipment can quickly make an asset become a major liability for your company. Between the costs of servicing your machine and replacing parts, more often you can save money by ending a lease early and purchasing a new machine than spending money on the upkeep of an old one, contact us to find out how. Additionally, the cost of toner, paper, and ink on a machine adds up, costing businesses an average of 15% of their overall expenses. Furthermore, products such as uniFLOW and PaperCut are solutions for overspending on printing supplies. Businesses owning a printer that isn’t aligned with their needs can end up spending more than they need to on related expenses.

3. Your Needs Change

Whether your business has expanded or reduced in size, it may be likely that your current copier is not suited for the same needs your company had three to five years ago. A new machine may be the answer to a crowded copy room or a copier-turned-decoration.


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4. Its Downtime and Uptime Are the Same

If your device has persistent problems and constantly needs to be serviced, it may be time to think about replacing it. Copiers with frequent downtime become obstructions to your business, consuming time and money while they are serviced or parts are ordered. While most organizations will see a significant amount of downtime on machines, guarantees, such as Offix’s 95% uptime minimum guarantee, will ensure that you never have to worry about copier or printer impeding your business again.

5. It’s Getting Old or Is Outdated

Technology that isn’t up to date or hasn’t advanced along with your company can slow you down and even become a security risk. The same multifunction printer (MFP) purchased three to five years ago more than likely has a comparable, newer model out that costs less and has more features. User friendly interfaces and faster processing speeds can make printing, copying, and scanning simple and streamlined. Additionally, as more information becomes digitized, newer printers can operate to better meet the needs of your business, storing information where you need it most.

6. It Becomes a Security Risk

If you handle sensitive information, your equipment should be able to safely and securely transmit your data to its destination. Older copiers typically have hard drives that retain the information passed through them while newer copiers automatically erase this information shortly after its use. Office technology that is outdated or defenseless is more prone to being breached and leaking information, even with cloud storage solutions such as Therefore.

7. It Becomes Less Efficient or Inefficient

Most companies don’t realize that office copiers and printers add up to their third largest expense next to  payroll and rent. This figure is impacted largely by the fact that, depending on the statistics, between 17% and 30% of pages printed daily go completely unused and 45% and 65% of documents are disposed of the same day they are printed. This cost can be reduced significantly reduced if companies are able to recognize the amount of resources used up by their document technology and replace inefficient or old machines. Managed print solutions can help track the hidden cost of printing documents and manage the resources spent.