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OFFIX and the Architecture & Engineering Industry

Architecture and Engineering Wide Format

Architecture and Engineering professionals who work in IT and finance have to deal with unique problems: managing internal and external customers, tight and changing deadlines, accounting for document management and production costs, and spreading their resources in a million different directions. While the core competencies of these professionals are irreplaceable, at OFFIX, we know how to make your job easier, reducing cost and increasing efficiencies.

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How to Get Up to 30% Back in Efficiencies

Offix is passionate about making sure your business works as efficiently as possible, granting you more time to give your attention to things such as code compliance and meeting deadlines. Did you know that, on average, IT helpdesks spend 15% of their time addressing printer-related issues, and that number is even higher for companies with wide-format printers? And did you know that an employee, on average, spends 20 minutes looking for a document? We understand the importance of streamlining your document technology and getting the most out of your equipment. Here are some areas where OFFIX can help

Document Management for Architecture & Engineering Firms

Scanning and Printing for Architecture & Engineering

Using wide format plotters and printers from Offix means that your business is getting the most cost-effective equipment to print, store, and send high-resolution plans and blueprints. While cost per square foot is an important indicator of the cost of a wide format device, TCO also should account for reprints, time-to-print, storage/search/send capabilities and efficiencies, and print quality rejection. Offix offers a wide variety of the latest wide-format printers and plotters from brands such as Canon/OcéKIP, and HP. Combining the latest printing and scanning technology with our service will assist in making your business the most productive it can possibly be. Contact us today and allow an Offix consultant to assess your needs and help you find the right wide format printer for your business.

Maintenance Assistance Available 7 Days a Week

Your business works hard to meet deadlines, so why shouldn’t your office technology work just as hard? Offix can guarantee a machine uptime of 95% and a response time as low as 2 hours, ensuring that your business continues to run, even when your equipment doesn’t. Through our technical support and maintenance for your multifunction printers and wide format printers, you’re able to focus on big picture items. What’s even better, our remote monitoring will alert us of possible, upcoming issues before they even become apparent. Our process will actually show you how much we can save you on a maintenance contract.

Managed Print Services (MPS)

Document-related costs can make up 15% of all business costs! This is especially true of organizations in the architecture and engineering space, which heavily rely on printed or digitally-produced documents to conduct business. Reducing these costs on your own can often be impossible. Through Offix’s Managed Print Services, we are able to identify your true document production and management costs, along with bottlenecks and inefficiencies. All you have to do is relax, wait for our quarterly recommendations, and watch the savings pile up!

Additionally, our MPS programs include automated replenishment of all consumables included in the monthly fees, which means that your team no longer has to keep track of plotter and printer consumable statuses, or spend time reordering to make sure your document technology is not unexpectedly inoperable. All this, at a cost that is substantially lower than what you’d pay on your own.

Finally, our MPS programs include all preventive and on-demand maintenance, which means that your team of architects and engineers will always be able to count on plotters and printers that are up and running, and your IT staff will have up to 15% of their time back, to focus on what matters.

Efficient Document Management Filing, Storage, and Search

Did you know that it takes 15-18 minutes for the average construction employee to locate a single document or file? By having a streamlined document management system, you can save you and your crew hours of lost time a month waiting on information retrieval, meaning no more delayed projects! Offix can provide you the tools to regain control of your documents with solutions such as uniFLOW or PaperCut, giving you the peace of mind that your work is both secure and easy to locate.

Smartboards and the Construction/Architecture Space

Construction firms often overlook how important smartboards can be to their business. Whether you work within a single office or across multiple locations, these interactive whiteboards can increase engagement, improve communication, and simplify file exchange for remote sites. Smartboards are perfect for making your business more professional when presenting or sharing project proposals, drawings, and other documentation.

Wide Format Printing for Banners

In addition to printing plans and blueprints, wide format printers can be used for vinyl and weather resistant print banners for the construction site. Advertise your construction firm at each site with custom messages that cost a fraction of using a third-party printer.

Digital Signage for Architecture Showrooms and Job Sites

One of the most underutilized pieces of office technology among construction companies is digital signage. With digital signage, managers can share project updates, progress, and any information needing dispersion with everyone in the organization. These attractive displays also make an attractive addition to the office to show off recently completed projects or to communicate information to employees or visiting customers.

Voice Over IP (VoIP) Solutions

Architects and Engineers are often on-site surveys, out-of-office meetings and remote activities, which means that remote connection is paramount, to ensure an efficient communication process. VoIP solutions, like our own TELEcloud (powered by RingByName), allow for a single-number connection. Stop wondering if your team is in the building or not: a single phone number follows you anywhere and transfers calls from the desk to a mobile device quickly and easily. VoIP also means lower cost of maintenance and virtually no installation costs. Moving between work-from-home and office work? VoIP adjusts with a simple click of the button: your internal and external customers will continue calling a single number!