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The Best Features of VOIP Systems

Successful businesses know when to embrace technology to improve their processes, and one innovation you should be looking into is a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system. One of the main reasons to switch to VoIP for your business phone system are the incredible features of VOIP systems.

That’s one of the reasons why more than one-third of businesses globally are using a VOIP phone system, and a good number of them are highly successful ones like Google and Microsoft.

(By the way… if you’re wondering What Is VOIP, click here to find out.)

VOIP phones are equipped with the latest rigid-flex PCBs — circuitries that are known for their high-capacity threshold. Rigid-flex PCBs were initially limited for military and space use, but the cost to produce them has since gone down, so they’re now found in a lot of phones and other advanced office devices.

This is why VOIP phone designers are able to program in a number of unique features into the machines. Here are some of the best features of VoIP systems:

Make international calls for free, with VOIP

Since a VOIP phone system is connected to the internet, it’s not bound by location. It can make international calls at no additional cost (you’d only be paying for your VOIP subscription and internet connection). Traditionally, the person receiving the call needs to be using a VOIP phone as well. However, top VOIP providers offer unlimited global extension plans, which allows its users to call international landline phones as well.


Of course, VOIP phone systems also have an app connected to them. If you or your caller’s smartphone is connected to the system, both of you can also use the app to converse.

VOIP allows you to make video calls

According to a telebusiness guide from Chron, you’re more likely to have a productive call over video since people make “virtual eye contact” instead of getting distracted by other tasks. Incidentally, VOIP phones are built with a camera. Therefore, as long as the person you’re calling has a VOIP phone or its connected app, it’s possible to have video calls with them.

Get voicemail transcripts, when you switch to VOIP

Call transcriptions offer plenty of business benefits. For example, calls with concerned customers can be compiled and analyzed at a later date, allowing you to improve the customer experience in the future. Transcriptions can also be used to save important information, which is useful if you’re handling complaints. However, transcribing calls takes extra resources — talent that could be used in less mundane tasks like creating an event or upgrading your services.

Fortunately, one huge benefit of a VOIP phone is its capability to automatically transcribe calls and send them to your email directly after it.

VOIP and CRM integrations

If you’re using customer relationship management (CRM) software like Salesforce, ActiveCampaign, and Zendesk, know that VOIP phone systems can be synced with them. This is incredibly useful for businesses that work in telesales or telemarketing, as the integrated CRM will automatically save the customer’s details after the call. Some CRM software, like ActiveCampaign, will even allow its users to make the calls directly from the platform, saving your employees a lot of time.

Plus, do you remember that auto-transcription feature we mentioned earlier? Those recordings can also be saved in the CRM automatically.

VOIP phone systems have a lot of useful features. Most of them, like international calls and auto-transcriptions, even come with the basic package.
If you’re looking to make that VOIP switch and are not yet sure what solution you need, sign up using this form for a free consultation.

Prepared by Alicia Brady

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