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The Best Postage Meter For Small Business

Rent the PostBase Mini starting At Only $12.95/month!

OFFIX is offering low-cost rentals for the PostBase Mini, the best postage meter for small business. The PostBase Mini from FP is the first and only small business postage meter to integrate IMI (Intelligent Mail Indicia) technology, which is currently the U.S. Postal Service’s most secure postage data and imprinting system. By renting the PostBase Mini with OFFIX, you can save up to 10% on postage and only pay $12.95 per month! Download the brochure and start saving today!

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Save Money With A Postage Meter For Small Business

The Mini can process up to 17 letters per minute and is perfect for small businesses with light mail volume. Adopting PostBase’s award-winning design in a brilliantly small form, the Mini features a color touch screen that makes setup and operations as easy as withdrawing cash on an ATM. This meter is also quiet as a typical office conversation, making it a perfectly polite office mate.

When you pre-purchase your postage, the United States Post Office rewards you by charging you 5 cents less for every stamp you buy. Imagine: saving 10% on every letter you send. All day long!

UPGRADE TO OUR UNLIMITED PACKAGE: ($18.95/mo.) includes unlimited resets and RateGuard, providing free, automatic rate updates.

Compare us to the competition: no price increases for the duration of your rental! Some rental programs will offer introductory rates that start at just a few dollars but double or triple over time. With OFFIX and the PostBase Mini, there are no hidden costs.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Postage Meter for Your Small Business

There are several things you want to keep in mind, as you evaluate a postage meter for your small business.

Depending on what your needs are some postage meters may be better than others. However, there are a few details that make operating some postage meters easier and less expensive than others.

“All-in-one” Postage Meters

Some companies advertise very cheap monthly pricing; however, especially for small businesses, when you start calculating the “total cost of ownership” (TCO), additional costs necessary to use those services add up quickly. If all you are getting is a meter, you also have to keep in mind that you’ll need a separate scale, a printer that is compatible with that meter, and any other accessory needed to operate your postage system. Make sure your business selects an “all-in-one” postage meter.

Thermal printers vs. ink printers

If your small business has a postage meter, it needs a way to print indicia (that’s the name of “stamp” you print out with your machine). Often, companies do not supply a printer, but suggest the purchase of a thermal printer, because there is not ink to buy. While thermal printers can be purchased relatively inexpensively, remember that they can’t print indicia directly on an envelope, and that each thermal paper label is many times more expensive than a traditional label. When you add the cost of thermal paper, the savings realized with a thermal printer vs. an ink printer will vaporize in a month or less.

The FP PostBase Mini (and many other FP postage meters) use inexpensive traditional ink that is integrated with the postage meter; this setup allows you to save potentially hundreds of dollars, over the span of just a few weeks, and ensures that there are less peripherals attached to your mailing system, making operation a breeze.

Faster mailing processes

The best thing about a postage meter is the fact that it saves you time and money. This is achieved by automating tasks and processes that used to be manual. Make sure the postage meter you choose does the things that you consider most time-consuming: not only applying indicia and stamps, but also sealing, processing, sorting, and even inserting letters, invoices or other content in the envelope!

Automatic pricing updates

From time to time, the United States Postal Service updates terms and rates. This can be bothersome and create problems, if the postage meter you choose is not able to automatically receive and install these updates. The FP PostBase Mini allows you to choose whether you want to control updated rates manually or automatically, providing the highest degree of flexibility.