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Best Postage Meters for Medium and Large Business

Whether you need postage meters for large businesses or medium-sized businesses, we understand that they need to account for the fact that medium and large businesses are often complex, with varied processes and mailing needs. Either way, postage meters can help your business streamline your office mail The best postage meters for medium and large businesses are offered by FP Mailing Solutions.

FP Mailing Solutions postage meters for companies that manage medium-to-large volumes of mail include semi-automatic postage machines, which feature a semi-automatic feeder and are ideal for organizations that mail up to 200 mail pieces per week, and fully-automatic machines, for companies that send up to 500 mail pieces per week, and include automatic feeder, sorter and sealer.

FP Mailing Solutions also offers a line of high-quality postage meters for small businesses, as well as enterprise-level mailroom postage meters.


As the largest FP Mailing dealer in Virginia and one of the most awarded office technology dealers in America, Offix offers a complete line of mailing equipment for medium businesses and enterprises. From automatic postage machines that sort, stamp and seal your mail to folders, inserters and mailing software, Offix has the perfect solution for your mailroom.

Businesses and organizations that mail large volumes of parcels, letters, invoices or large envelopes may substantially benefit from a postage meter designed specifically for medium and large businesses. Whether you’re a health care facility mailing statements or reports, or an organization that relies on mail to communicate to prospects and clients through direct mail marketing, managing hundreds, sometimes thousands of piece of mail a week manually is time-consuming and extremely expensive.

That’s where Offix comes in: we offer the best postage meters and mailing solutions for medium and large companies. If your organization relies heavily on mailed communication, a postage meter designed specifically for medium and large companies is the ideal solution.

Trust Offix: for over 20 years we have been the most trusted sales and service provider of mailing equipment and postage meters in Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland.

The Benefits of Partnering with Offix for Your Mailing Equipment Needs

  • Experienced, specialized mailing equipment specialists to service your account
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee thanks to our Service Smart® Guarantees
  • The broadest selection of the most reliable mailing equipment brands, including FP Mailing, Formax, Duplo, Data Pac, and more
  • Unlimited training and support for you and your team; in-person and digital training and support available
  • 24/7 technical support from our certified specialists