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How To Test Your Healthcare Marketing Strategies

Every business needs to have a marketing strategy. If you want to know if your healthcare marketing strategies are effective, you can survey your customers, look at the metrics, and analyze the social media information. Once you’ve used each of these things, you’ll understand if your strategies are effective. Survey Your Customers You can survey […]

How to Improve Your Reputation in the Healthcare Industry

People think about the medical practice portion of running a healthcare practice; many practices, however, do not consider how important it is to manage and improve your reputation in the healthcare industry. Doctors have to also learn business management skills to improve their reputation and get patients to their door. If you think you need […]

VOIP vs. Landline: 6 Stats That Prove Why VoIP is Better

It’s a battle we are often asked about: Voice Over IP versus landline phone… which one is better? It is not a secret that Voice Over IP (or VOIP) is a cloud-based telephony solution that’s here to stay. Each year, more and more businesses and private consumers are signing on to this technology and saying […]

How to Increase Customer Satisfaction in Business Interactions

Increasing customer satisfaction during every business interaction is an important goal of every organization. Some of the best ways to increase customer satisfaction include personalizing marketing content, reducing wait times, and listening to your customers’ feedback. Implementing these activities will help to grow your business and ensure happy customers. Personalize Marketing Content Personalized marketing content […]

How to Enhance Your Company’s Marketing Plan

Your company relies on its marketing to bring in new customers and give previous customers a reason to return. While it’s quite likely that some of your marketing plans perform exactly the way you want it to, that isn’t always the case. In some instances, you’ll need to go back to the drawing board and […]

Three Ways to Optimize Your Healthcare Marketing

If your healthcare practice or business is having a hard time bringing in new customers, a way to supercharge your visibility and earn new business is to optimize your healthcare marketing. You can implement a referral program, improve your reputation, and take advantage of social media marketing. These things will help you to gain new […]

How to Increase the Visibility of Your Small Legal Practice

As a small legal practice, you need to have a strong online presence. It’s a huge part of what can help you be competitive, even against larger law firms. However, this doesn’t just happen on its own. There are things you should be doing to increase your small legal practice’s online profile. Spend on Digital […]

USPS Temporary Price Increase for Commercial Parcels

On September 4, 2020, the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) approved a temporary price increase for USPS commercial parcels. This price change will be in effect from October 18, 2020, until December 27, 2020 on commercial domestic competitive parcels, including: Priority Mail Express Priority Mail First-Class Package Service Parcel Select Parcel Return Service These price increases […]

How to Influence New Customers to Give You Their Business

Attracting new customers to your business can be a daunting challenge. Without customers, your business will eventually die, but attracting new customers can be difficult. How can you make your business stand above the rest and draw in new people? Focus on Those That Can Be Won Over No matter how hard you try, you […]

3 Tips for Running Your Medical Office the Most Efficiently

Figuring out how to improve your medical office’s efficiency can initially seem like a challenge. From patient experience to staff performance to billing methods, it can sometimes be difficult to identify which problems need to be addressed first and which solutions are best. This article will present a few simple tech solutions that address common […]

7 Ways to Market Your Small Business on a Small Budget

One of the most common challenges that new businesses face is having to operate on a shoe-string budget. It can be difficult to place your product or service in front of people when you simply don’t have the means to. Fortunately, there are quite a few ways to market your small business without breaking the […]

Marketing Your Small Business Online

Every small business owner’s primary goal is to make sales and earn a profit; however, you cannot achieve that objective without brand awareness. Marketing your small business online ensures that your target market can find you. Therefore, invest time and adopt unique and practical strategies to put your brand online and to cultivate a loyal […]

What Are Customers Looking for in an Automotive E-Commerce Website?

Many of our customers are automotive companies: car dealers, retailers selling automotive parts, and car service providers. They prefer Offix because they know they can rely on our 7-day a week service and they understand the importance of doing business with a company that boasts the highest level of certification for their tech team since, […]

How Technology Can Bring More People to Your Church

Building a church community can be a difficult task. Part of this is being more reliant on an almost entirely word-of-mouth approach to advertising and marketing. Technology and the internet are the fastest ways to implement the word of mouth style of advertising and can be a huge help in increasing traffic to your church. […]

How to Market Your Construction Company With a Positive Message

You have worked hard to get your construction business started and you deserve success. One of the keys to making your construction company thrive and succeed is establishing and maintaining a good company image. Here are several steps you should take to better produce that positive image you need to succeed! Build a Modern Website […]

How to Effectively Implement Ethos, Pathos, and Logos Into Your Small Business

Marketing your company or product to your online market can be a very tricky undertaking. The massive number of internet users makes online advertising even more challenging. These numbers make it difficult to customize your campaigns to target a specific demography or customer profile. However, by applying the concepts of ethos, pathos, and logos, you […]