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The Cost of a Stamp in 2020

The Cost of a Stamp in 2020: Post Office Introduces New Rates As we reported in one of our previous blog posts, the US Post Office plans on increasing its mail and shipping rates on a number of its services. According to USPS, implementing higher rates will help “keep the Postal Service competitive while providing […]

How to Use Data to Improve Your Marketing Strategy

One of the greatest benefits of the recent internet and data revolution is the massive amount of data we now have at our fingertips. Data is affecting our lives in ways we never would have imagined, influencing our purchasing, driving habits and even what we think about. Fortunately for business owners, it also gives them […]

How to Increase Business Efficiency through Workflow Improvements

How to Increase Business Efficiency through Workflow Improvements You can tell a lot about a company by how it manages its workflow. At OFFIX, we’re all about efficiency, and a well-planned and well-managed workflow is one of the cornerstones of an efficient organization. Hopefully, as you look at how your business and staff handles workloads, […]

How Technology Gives Smaller Retailers an Advantage

Technology is often cited as a way for large corporations to gain power and market share. From this perspective, small businesses may come to fear technology or view it as a negative development. However, applied correctly, technology is actually a powerful tool to level the playing field and help small businesses compete. In this article […]

How Can I Integrate Smart Tech Into My Business?

How Can I Integrate Smart Tech Into My Business? Technology has changed how the working world functions. Businesses in every industry stand to benefit from the technological innovation that is the smart app. With many of these apps improving sustainability, reducing inaccessibility, and facilitating better communication across multiple industries, these types of technological advancements are […]