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Offix Announces Opening of New Eastern Shore Region Location

The Recent Acquisition Will Allow Offix to Further Expand Its Position as Premier Dealer of Document Technology in Virginia Offix, a premier provider of office technology and document solutions, is proud to announce the opening of its newest location, servicing the Eastern Shore region of Virginia and Maryland. Through the acquisition of Eastern Shore Business […]

How to Increase Your Credibility with Prospects

One of the greatest tasks for business owners and entrepreneurs is to increase their credibility, in order to grow an audience and expand the pool of potential future customers. While this can seem to be a daunting task, rest assured that there are certain steps that you can follow to facilitate this process. So, how […]

Factors That Drain Your Company Financially

Running a business (that, of course, is intended to make money) also requires money to run! Unfortunately there are some factors that, if left unchecked, will counterproductively drain money from your business. Operating on losses, accidents and waste, and unnecessary expenses will deplete your funds. Dedicate some time and resources to preventing these harmful issues! […]

3 Small Business Marketing Tactics You Should Try

Marketing is an essential part of success for any business. Seriously. Even the big names that everyone knows like Walmart, Target, and Amazon still spend plenty on their marketing. It’s even more important for small businesses who have to work even harder to attract customers since they may not be a household name. But what […]

Moves You Can Make to Start Growing Your Business

If you’re in the beginning stages of your business, it’s exciting to see it start to grow and become profitable. As your business keeps growing, it’s important to recognize when there are points where you need to do something different so that you don’t plateau. Recognizing those opportunities quickly will help you avoid stalling as […]

Tangible Assets That You Can Use in Your Marketing

In today’s business world, it’s common for business owners to rely on digital marketing techniques. However, there are many physical assets you can use in your marketing. Using these methods can help your business stand out. Land A large plot of land can give you many benefits when it comes to marketing. The main thing […]

How to Use the Right Tools to Grow Your Business

Improving your company’s success rate is incredibly important. While you may think specific barriers are preventing your product from taking off, implementing effective marketing strategies can improve the way you promote your content. This, in turn, will propel your business forward and help you develop habits to continue being successful. Review Past Results One of […]

How Your Business Can Start Making a Bigger Impact on the Future

Most entrepreneurs don’t get into the business to simply get by. Instead, they have hope that they can make an impact moving forward. There are many ways that each business can positively impact the future, you just have to find a method that works with your business and your goals. No matter how you decide […]

How to Enhance Your Brand Visibility

While sometimes you are focused on growing your brand outside of your home base, at other times it is important to build your brand back home. This can help you to develop a stronger customer base and give you the brand recognition you need. Making your brand more recognizable in your area of operation comes […]

How to Implement Lean Manufacturing Principles in Your Business

Figuring out the right way to manufacture your product is challenging. You want to ensure you are bringing value to the customer while reducing costs. While there are a variety of approaches out there, learning how to implement lean manufacturing is definitely among the best. Adopt the Ethos of Lean Manufacturing Lean manufacturing is more […]

How Managers Can Improve Communication in the Workplace

One of the defining factors between a successful and an adequate workplace is the communication that takes place within the company’s environment. Good communication increases productivity and retains quality employees for longer periods of time. As a manager, you can improve your team’s communication by fostering an open culture, increasing collaboration efforts, and consistently making […]

What Do I Need to Successfully Sell Products Online?

Transferring your business to the internet is a great way to keep your business relevant during changing times. However, the online industry is not always easily navigated without previous experience or know-how. Once you have a solid plan to successfully sell products online, you will be able find success with an all-new customer base. A […]

3 Reasons to Invest in Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms have come a long way from their roles as websites that connect people with loved ones. The reasons to invest in social media marketing are many and compelling. Nowadays, they’ve expanded to becoming platforms where you can find endless content and information on anything and everything. And because of the sheer amount […]

How Banks Can Keep Young Consumers from Switching to FinTechs

Digital platforms have become all the rage in the last decade. Younger consumers, who have grown up with technology, are becoming more inclined to use digital services like FinTechs. If you own a traditional bank, this can seem frightening. However, there are ways you can capture the attention of young consumers. All it takes is […]

How to Make Your Work Meetings More Productive

Whether you are starting your small business or you’re a manager in a tech company, you probably have to have relatively frequent meetings with other team members. Meetings are the place where you facilitate your work, and so they must run smoothly. If your meetings are unproductive, you could be drastically decreasing your team’s efficiency. […]

How to Run a Gift Shop for the Summer Tourist Season

As an entrepreneur, your gift shop is probably about ready for summer sun and touristy vibes. Whether it’s a popup on the beach, the farmer’s market, or any other seasonal location, you want it to be a success. Here are some of the things you can do to make sure your gift shop is well […]