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Anthony Murphy is the General Manager at Offix’s Richmond facility. In addition to running the branch, he works with major accounts and helps assist the sales representatives.

When recounting his start at Offix, Anthony commented, “Steve Valenta and I grew up together, and we also worked together years ago as service technicians, before we both went into sales. In 2008, Steve approached me about starting and running the Richmond office. He knew that I had been in this line of business as long as he had. He offered me the opportunity of a lifetime to do something that I have always wanted to do—get into management and use my ability and experience, to really help other businesses.”

The best part of working at Offix is that he is working with Steve and Kim Valenta, both of whom have a real passion about their customers’ well-being. Anthony, having gone from working with a national company to a local owner, really gets to see the owner’s enthusiasm on a daily basis, stating ”I have always felt that way about customer service, too. Unfortunately, in my previous employment, I didn’t feel like I was working for customers, but felt like I was working for stockholders. Now I’m working for customers, and I see the same thing with Steve and Kim.”