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Copier Buyback Program


Receive Credit Towards a New Copier When You Switch!

Did You Know?

Here at Offix, we are in the business of making your business more efficient. Owning an older, inefficient machine may result in more downtime and become increasingly more expensive over time. By switching to a new machine with our copier buyback program, Offix can actually save you time and money and prevent any future costs or downtime incurred by owning an older, unsupported machine. Additionally, most manufacturers stop supporting their copiers and printers 7 years after the last manufacture date, meaning older machines will cost more to maintain and repair.

Copier Buyback Program

Offix is offering up to $800 towards a new copier or multifunction printer when you switch from a qualifying machine. This offer is valid towards the latest, award-winning models from our most popular brands including Canon and Sharp. Contact us today to find out just how much you can save with Offix, and in the meantime, browse some of the elite lines we have to offer: