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Canon Large Format Printers

No matter how often or how much your business utilizes large format documents, the good news is that Canon has a variety of large format printers for every industry, including construction, marketing, education, and even the healthcare industry! Offix offers only the best wide format printer service and purchasing options from Canon, including leases, rentals, and buying outright, as the number one large-format dealer in the Washington, D.C., Richmond, Norfolk, and Eastern Shore areas.

Benefits of Canon Large Format Printers

Large format printers, also known as wide format printers and plotters, provide businesses an abundance of benefits. Large format printers enable you to print on media much bigger than that of a standard copier and getting them with Canon means you’re getting the best large format printers available in the industry. Businesses in construction, architecture, engineering, and print shop industries have been benefitting from Canon large format printers for years, and with the recent acquisition of Océ, Canon has combined the two companies’ industry-leading experience to provide the greatest large format printing equipment on the market.

Whether you are looking to replace a current large format printer or are dependant on a print shop for your large format needs, investing in a Canon large format printer can help make your business more independent, efficient, and economical, as a large format printer typically pays for itself within the first year or two of operation (depending on print volume). As an added bonus, when you purchase, lease, or rent your large format printer with Offix, you get access to lower prices and the best service for Canon large format printers that you can find in Virginia, D.C., and Maryland!


Types of Canon Large Format Printers

There are different types of large format printers for different needs. Some of the large format printers from Canon are perfect for print shops and those who need a large volume of large format documents, while other printers are perfect for a small marketing department who may only need to print once or twice a month. Either way, you know you are getting the best large format printers when you choose Canon. Learn more about each of the large format printer series we offer or contact one of our consultants today to help you find out which large format printer is perfect for your business.

Canon imagePROGRAF

The Canon imagePROGRAF series of large format printers and plotters are a unique and innovative answer for those looking for a wide format solution. As one of the most renowned and widely used large format printers on the market, the Canon imagePROGRAF series of printers provide businesses all over the world with beautiful prints in 17-inch, 24-inch, 44-inch, and 60-inch options. Whether you need a large format printer for fine art and photography, production printing, technical documents, or general-purpose poster making, the Canon imagePROGRAF line is able to quickly provide your documents in high-quality and in bulk, if necessary. Rather than having to purchase a separate large format scanner to digitize your documents, the imagePROGRAF series has models capable of scanning and copying documents.

Canon large format printers

What makes the imagePROGRAF series stand out is its affordability and its versatility. Compared to the other specialized wide format printing options from Canon, the imagePROGRAF series is economical and efficient. The multi-component system utilized by these printers allows businesses to scan and print at the same time, establishing the multifunctionality needed in the fast-paced industries they are used for. While some businesses may need wide format prints on a variety of media or need a production scale printer, for most businesses the Canon imagePROGRAF series will cover all of your large format printing needs and provide you with excellent print quality and digitization for years to come.

Arizona UV Flatbed

The Canon Arizona UV Flatbed large format printers, also known as ultrawide format printers, are the solution for those printing on rigid or flexible media. The most notable difference between the Arizona series and other Canon brands is that large-format media is not fed through the machine, but instead placed on top of the machine. While this may seem inefficient for some business needs, the ability to print on media that can’t normally machine-fed is invaluable. Print media such as metal, wood, and plastic allow businesses that require high-quality deliverables on a variety of surfaces to wow their customers not only with the variety but the quality printed on these materials too.

Canon large format printers

What the Arizona series lacks in speed compared to traditional wide format printing, it makes up for in quality. Utilizing UV-curable ink, the Arizona series is able to be operated with no warm-up time and is optimized for LED curing, which results in spectacular print quality and vibrance. Despite the lack of automatic feeding, the Arizona series of ultrawide format printers allow users to print multiple pieces simultaneously. In terms of production, the Arizona 2300, for example, has a peak production capacity of more than 7,500 square feet in a single shift. Additionally, the Arizona series utilizes smart-learning technology that is designed to help expand your business and make you more productive with your new equipment.

ColorWave Color Printers

The Canon ColorWave printers (previously known as Océ ColorWave), are a family of highly productive and versatile wide format color printers. The ColorWave systems are ideal for businesses looking for all-in-one large format plotters capable of copying, scanning, and printing large format documents at efficient speeds. The ColorWave 3000 Series, for example, is capable of printing 225 D size large format documents in one hour and scanning up 47.9 feet per minute.

Businesses who use these printers are able to get sharp, high-resolution, and waterproof prints in color and black and white on a variety of print media. Because the ColorWave printers utilize CrystalPoint technology, prints from the ColorWave printers are near-instantaneously dry with no feathering and capture all of your print’s detail with ease. Using proven technologies and long-lasting parts, the ColorWave printers are durable and reliable large format printers, even in an ever-advancing industry.

Canon large format printers

Colorado Series

The Colorado Series of large format printers is perfect for businesses with a medium to large print volume who print on a variety of media. Printing at speeds up to 1,710 square feet per hour (Canon Colorado 1650), this series of plotters are perfect for companies who print in larger batches or who need a quick turnaround on prints. One of the distinctions found in the Colorado series is its beautiful print color accompanied by its quick drying time, provided by next-generation UVgel ink used to print media.

Canon large format printers

The Colorado Series’ patented UV gel technology allows media to stay cool during the printing process and come out of the printer dry. The millions of gel droplets it produces can be placed next to or on top of each other to create fine details and brilliant colors that are expected of large format printers. Additionally, because the Colorado Series uses this unique gel to create prints, it ends up using up to 40% less ink than other wide format printers and saves users money on every print.