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VOIP vs. Landline For Business — Which one is Better?

While the pandemic’s effects are still in full swing, the need for the right technology in business is stronger than ever. And that includes deciding who wins the battle of VOIP vs. Landline. Indeed, market research company Forrester’s predictions for businesses in 2021 highlight the need for technology investments. For example, digital engagement will be the […]

7 Essential Steps to Printer Security

From requiring employees to enter usernames and passwords on computers with the latest antivirus software to encrypting email to prohibiting the use of personal mobile devices on the network, you’ve done what you can to boost your business’s security. You’re confident you’ve secured the most vulnerable endpoints of your network to reduce the risk that […]

A Threat to HIPAA Security You May Have Overlooked

HIPAA and Your Printer Fleet: Did you know that copiers and print machines contain hard drives that capture and store protected health information? That remnant data can leave your healthcare facility vulnerable to security threats from both inside and outside your organization. Overlooking copiers, printers, and other imaging devices when implementing HIPAA privacy and security measures […]

What Is Ransomware? And Should You Pay?

You may have heard in recent news about “Ransomware” – a plague that’s been literally holding businesses hostage over the past few years. Ransomware is a form of malware: harmful software that encrypts your files or system, preventing your ability to access them. Once these files are infected, attackers demand money—a ransom, if you will—in […]