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Save 20% or Get $100: The Offix Challenge

We’re in the business of saving your business time and money; in fact, we’re one of the best office equipment and service providers in the country. At Offix, we believe in our equipment and services so much, that we’re willing to put our money where our mouth is with a challenge. If we can’t prove that we can save you at least 20% versus what you currently spend on document and print management, then we will give you $100 just for your time and attention.

How the Offix Challenge Works

  1. Give us a brief, 10-15 minute call where we can assess your current document situation and determine your eligibility for the Offix Challenge.
  2. After we assess that you are qualified for this promotion, we will schedule a meeting to go over the specifics of your current document situation such as monthly print volume, lease rate, overage costs, etc.
  3. Once we have your lease information, we will build our own proposal. If our proposal CAN’T reduce your current copier-related expenses by at least 20%, we will owe you a $100 gift card.
  4. If we CAN beat your current proposal (which we will), you are free to choose whether you want to accept it and save 20% or more on your document and print management solutions!

Contact Us Today to Start The Challenge!