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Office Copiers for Sale – Buy a Copier

If your business and organization is in the market to buy a copier or multifunction printer, selecting the best office copier dealer in Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland means access to the perfect photocopier from major brands like Canon and HP, preferred partner pricing and the best copier service and consumables.

When you buy a copier from Offix, you know that you are working with a copier dealer that, for the past 20 years, has made it its mission to provide only the best technology, backed by unsurpassed, certified and guaranteed service.

Buy a Copy Machine – Is It the Right Choice?

Buying a copier for an office or organization that knows their needs and want to pay outright for their photocopier us often the best choice. When you buy a copier machine, you can pay for it outright or finance it over time, just as you would finance a car. Offix has developed strong relationships with financial institution that can extend credit to allow you to buy a copier.

Once you have paid off your loan, you own your office copier, and can keep it or, if you are ready for an upgrade, you can resell it.

What Copiers can I Buy from Offix?

Offix offers used and new copiers for sale. Choose from the latest models of Canon color or black and white copiers, all in one printers or multifunction copiers. From the new DX series of Canon copiers to the full line of HP copiers.

Offix offers A4 copier models, designed to fit on a desk and perfect for small or home offices, and A3 copiers, which are larger and offer a broader set of features. Choose from a 25ppm to a 75ppm copier for sale or faster! Whether you’re looking for features like booklet makers, touchless operation, or other finishing options, our team will help you buy the perfect copier for your business.

The Best Copier Dealer Copier in Washington DC, Virginia or Maryland

If your organization is located in Washington DC, Virginia or Maryland and is shopping for a copier, you have found the perfect result for your Google search “Buy the Perfect Copier for My Business”.

Contact our team and, in just a few, simple steps, Offix will show you how much money you can save by switching to a quality copier or multifunction device. If you are ready to lease a Canon copier in Washington DC or Virginia, give us a call. Learn how much you can save with a copier lease, with a no-obligation quote from Offix.

Photocopy Machine Price: How Much is a Copier?

The price of a photocopier can range dramatically, based on factors like speed (how many pages per minute the machine can copy and print), functions and features, like scanning, touchless operations, and mobile printing, finishing options, like booklet making or three-hole punching, and more.

A small, black-and-white (also referred to as “monochrome”) tabletop copier, used to only make copies can cost you less than $1,000. As you move to multifunction devices (known as MFD or MFP), capable of copying, printing, scanning in monochrome or black and white, the price starts to rise. When you add capabilities like high-speed scanning, or booklet making, prices can reach $5,000 to $7,500. If you are looking for a full-service multifunction color device with all the attachment, you can expect to pay $10,000 or more.

To make sure the cost of your photocopier isn’t breaking the bank, when selecting your copier or MFP, make sure you do your homework, first: understand what’s important to you and your business, and what you are trying to solve for. Do you need speed? A 25 page-per-minute (PPM) device will cost you a few hundred dollars less than a 50 PPM device, but you might be paying more down the road, in lost productivity and people in line, waiting for large jobs to print.

Do you have to have very high-quality output (color accuracy, or highest possible definition, for example)? If your organization prints a lot of flyers, marketing material or booklets that require color stability and photos that “pop”, spending the extra $500 or so for a machine that prints high definition is definitely worth it.

A photocopier price does not have to be more than you can afford: If you are a work-from-home professional who primarily prints and copies in black and white, a $2,500 investment might be all you need.

You can find more information by downloading our free guide “The Ultimate Copier Buyer’s Guide” (click here to view it) or contact us for a free, no obligation consultation.

Types of Copiers For Sale

No matter what type of copier you’re looking to purchase you’ll find it right here on Here are just a few of the most popular types of copiers offered:

  • Color Copiers
  • Digital Copiers
  • Multipurpose Copiers
  • Small Business Copiers
  • Black and White Copiers
  • Copiers with Fax Capabilities
  • Wireless Copiers
  • Network Copiers
  • Used Copiers

Buy Your Next New or Used Copier from Offix

Let us guide you through the easy and quick process to buy a new or used copier.

Sit back, relax! Copier delivery and installation is always free, as is unlimited training. We’ll also let you know when your machine is eligible for an upgrade!

So, what are you waiting for? We’ve been in business since 1999 because we know how to make our customers happy. You are wondering how much money you can save by moving to a leased office copier, contact Offix today!

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