Copier Preventive Maintenance Through Remote Monitoring

Copier Maintenance from Offix

At Offix, we are all about efficiency. We know that the more your equipment is down, the less you can focus on your business. That’s why an Offix copier maintenance plan includes the latest available technology of proactive, remote diagnostics and control of all equipment installed.

Our trained staff will be able to constantly monitor key vital signs and performance indicators of all machines, to ensure that preventive maintenance is carried out before any problem can cause downtime.

Our system is able to warn us when your supplies are reaching low levels; this means that, if your maintenance plan includes free supplies or auto replenishment, you don’t need to call us for things like new toner: we’ll deliver it when needed before you even notice. That’s one less thing for your business to keep track of.

Does your business operate equipment that was not acquired through Offix? No problem: our consulting team can include your entire fleet of copiers and multifunction printers to our proactive monitoring system.



Remote, proactive maintenance with FM Audit and Canon Imageware Remote.

About Canon imageWARE Remote

Through imageWARE Remote, your entire fleet of copiers and multifunction printers will be under constant diagnostic control. imageWARE Remote delivers meter information and immediately notifies Offix monitoring technical staff of errors, jams, and alerts. The information is used by our team to deploy a technician without the need to bother your staff to obtain more information.

By addressing the problem proactively, service providers can take action to handle these issues before it is either noticed or experienced by a customer.

About FM Audit

FMAudit® is based on unique technology to create a product that integrates seamlessly with your ERP system and streamlines your meter collection, billing and supplies delivery processes.

FM Audit can network with any brand of equipment, whether or not it was purchased or leased through Offix. In addition, FM Audit allows your business to run reports based on your needs, to provide usage visibility, can be installed on any computer without the need for a local server or additional resources, and installation takes minutes.

What’s even better: FM Audit is completely free*. Just contact us to find out more about it.

* Remote monitoring set up is free of charge. Access to assistance, maintenance and supply shipment on-demand is subject to subscription to an Offix maintenance plan.