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Find out exactly how much you’re spending in printing activities with this free offer!

Do you know how much printing is costing your business? Chances are your guess underestimates the total cost. But don’t worry: Offix wants to help you. For free.

What would you say if we told you you might be wasting up to $12,000 a year and we can show where it is, for absolutely free?

For a limited time, we are offering a complete Print Cost Audit for a select number of companies, a service valued at $900, absolutely free. No obligation, no hidden fees. Nothing.

Your free audit includes:


Our team of experts will work with you to get started at absolutely no cost to you. Fill out the form today, to get started.


Printing represents up to 15% of your yearly business costs.


Unchecked printing costs amount to up to 3% of an average business revenues.


90% of all companies are unable to track all printing expenses and grossly underestimate them.

We have a way to identify and track those expenses, and want to give you a report that shows you where they are.

Is your company spending tens of thousands of dollars a year on unnecessary printing expenses without even knowing it? Wouldn’t you like to find out what the true cost of printing activities is, in your company?

There is absolutely no obligation and nothing due on your part. We’re just excited to show businesses of all sizes how to become more efficient, reduce waste and reinvest money. Because businesses like yours are the engine of America’s greatness.

What are you waiting for? Fill the form and let us give you a free Print Cost Audit worth $900!

What would you do with an additional $12,000 a year?

Studies show that printing expenses are costing you up to 15% of your yearly business costs, and can erase up to 3% of your revenues.

Even worse, 90% of all companies do not track printing expenses or grossly underestimate them by not including key costs like toner, process inefficiencies and desktop printers.

Think about it: most companies can keep track of copier-related expenses, like the actual cost of the lease or rental for their equipment and the cost copier and multifunction printer maintenance contracts. Some companies will also keep track of copier toner purchased, while many don’t even track that.

The reality is that printing expenses occur in many areas that are not tracked as isolated cost. For example: desktop printers are usually not part of a monitored network, which causes them to go unnoticed. Inkjet cost alone can mean serious expenses, as it is usually purchased through a generic “office supplies” budget.

Think about it: if your company has 12 of these desktop printers and, on average, your company replaces cartridges every two months, at $99 per cartridge, you are spending over $7,000 a year in ink alone!

These staggering costs do not account for the fact that these printers are often purchased through slush-funds or brought from home and attached to a computer, making it easy to cause unchecked proliferation, which creates a burden on your IT department, forced to manage a stable of models and brands it is not equipped to deal with. 

Inefficiencies can also be a financial burden when it comes to copiers and multifunction printers.

Companies with multiple copiers often have great disparities in how each copier is used: one may be used more often than the other, but your original contract allowance does not account for that. One may be used primarily for scanning and sending digital documents, while the others may constantly run color copies.

The truth is that your staff thinks of a copier only when they need it, but there is no process architect that can suggest changes that will make your staff use these machines more efficiently, saving them time and saving your business money. Imaging being able to save an additional $5,000 a year without really having to buy anything.

How’s that, for saving $7,000 a year in ink and an additional $5,000 in efficiencies?

So… What would you do with an additional $12,000 a year without spending a dime more?

Don’t wait another day: let Offix show you where your printing expenses are hiding, how to save money, reduce expenses and become more efficient. Absolutely free. Just fill out the form for more information or if you want to get started.

*duration of monitoring service will vary depending on business type and setup.

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