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Government Agencies That Every Employer Needs to Comply With

Every business has to deal with the laws of the land. To have lasting success, an employer needs to be in compliance with all applicable regulations. It can be hard to know what specific regulations you should keep up on, especially as they tend to change from time to time. Here are a few government agencies that you should be aware of and ensure that you are in compliance with!


The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) is a US agency that was created to help workers and ensure that their rights are being provided. It gives workers the ability to decide whether they want to be able to use collective action to achieve their goals in the workplace, like in unions. There are certain regulations that the NLRB ensures for all employees in the US, and you need to make sure that your business is complying with those regulations. If you aren’t in compliance, it can lead to major legal issues.


Most businesses are aware that they need to comply with OSHA, but they often don’t know about the seriousness of the situation if they are out of compliance. OSHA sets several standards for workplace safety and training. It’s important that you know what standards apply to your business and make sure that you adhere to all of them to the best of your ability. If you aren’t sure about the standards that you should be following, speak to an OSHA representative to learn more about OSHA requirements so you can keep your employees and your business safe.


You also need to make sure that your business is in compliance with the IRS. This means ensuring that you account for your profits appropriately and file your taxes accurately according to the requirements given. Refusing to do so can put you in financial and legal problems. Start this process by making sure your business is registered correctly. Then, work with an accountant to ensure that your taxes are filed in the right way each year. You can also handle this work yourself, but an accountant will help you to stick close to regulations and protect your assets.

Staying in compliance with government agencies will help you to ensure that your business is in good standing. As you work to ensure that you are always in compliance, you will develop strong practices that can put your business ahead of the curve. Make it a point to stay on top of regulations so you can do right by your business.

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