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How Can I Integrate Smart Tech Into My Business?

Technology has changed how the working world functions. Businesses in every industry stand to benefit from the technological innovation that is the smart app. With many of these apps improving sustainability, reducing inaccessibility, and facilitating better communication across multiple industries, these types of technological advancements are changing the face of many industries entirely. Here are some industries that have benefited greatly from smart technology.


Though construction is a very hands on industry, it also has many processes that can be made more efficient with smart technology. According to Transportation Safety Apparel, with so much buzz around drones, 3D printing, and robots, we are getting much closer to a world where structures can be built completely automated and unmanned. Devices like backup cameras can be added to larger construction vehicles so that workers can drive them without harming others. This technological evolution within the construction industry can help make current practices safer and more energy efficient. Construction can also benefit from mobile apps that sync with and enhance the use of wide format printers and plotters.


Healthcare is another industry that is being revitalized by new tech as many medical professionals use apps to automate a variety of processes. According to Logical, many time-consuming manual tasks can be automated to speed up workflow. To illustrate, many hospitals and clinics use apps like MyChart Mobile to improve patients’ experiences during appointments. Additionally, apps like PatientSafe is another healthcare app that connects departments through the care continuum, connecting clinical workflows, coordinated care, and clinical communication. Just like the use of smartboards is improving interdepartmental and patient-doctor communication, apps are an important new tool for the healthcare industry.

Finance and Accounting

The world of finance has embraced smart technology so fully that the term “fintech” was coined to describe this marriage of finance and tech. According to Penji, this type of technology improves automated financial services by helping business owners, consumers, and companies alike better manage their finances. Fintech apps can be divided into those for payments and remittance, digital banking, reg tech, insuretech, blockchain, robo advisors, and alternative finance apps. From mobile banking apps to blockchain apps for cryptocurrency, these types of smart tech are designed to take businesses in the finance sector to the next level. For larger firms, mobile applications like uniFLOW and Papercut mean on-the-go print solutions that bring together security and efficiency, saving time, money and potential headaches, especially when data confidentiality is involved in their document management needs.

As technology continues to improve, businesses must commit to finding new ways to use the latest tech in their daily practices. Just as the healthcare, construction, and finance industries benefit from new apps, the latest technology has the ability to impact many different industries. This migration to smart technology will help businesses perform more efficiently and help more people.

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