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How Much to Lease a Copier?

The most delicate and frequent question our consultants get, when they are discussing office copiers and multifunction devices is: “How much does it cost to lease a copier?

While the answer is not as straightforward as we’d like, there is a way to gauge whether your new copier lease will cost you $100 or $1000 a month.

Many copiers have a monthly lease cost between $95 and $185, but there are so many factors that play a role in your monthly lease payment, that it’s best to check all the boxes, before you start budgeting.

After you’ve decided whether you should buy or lease a copier for your organization, consider the following elements, which can influence how much you will spend for you copier lease.

Type of Copier – Black and White or Color?

If you only copy or print in black and white, a color copier might add hundreds of dollars (thousands of dollars, depending on the size of your photocopy machine) that you could spend elsewhere. Conversely, if your team uses tabletop printers for color prints, investing in a color copier might save you thousands of dollars a year, since the cost of a color copy from a photocopy machine is a fraction of that of a tabletop inkjet copier.

Tabletop Copier or Free-Standing Copier?

Size matters: free-standing copiers can hold more paper and often have more features, but those extras come at a price. If you are planning to have a single copier for your entire organization, a free standing copier is the way to go.

Type of Lease: Fair Market Value (FMV) or Dollar Buyout

At the end of your copier lease term, you may want to trade your photocopier for a newer model or keep it. Especially if you decide to keep it, the lease program you choose (fair market value, or FMV, or “dollar buyout”) will determine how much you need pay to keep the unit. Of course, with the dollar buyout option, you’ll only owe (you guessed it) one dollar; however, this option will cost you a few more dollars each month, on your lease payment.

Of course, your lease term will also determine your monthly lease payment: a 36 month lease may cost you $150 a month, while the same copier on a 60 month lease may cost you $99. You’ll spend less money each month, but you’ll finish paying your lease 2 years earlier. The choice is yours.

Features In Your Copier

Today’s copiers offer a spectrum of features that would make a professional printer blush. However, each features will add anywhere between $25 or $30 and as much as $2,500 to the cost of your copier, bringing your monthly copier lease payment to hundreds, or even thousands of dollars.

From paper trays with larger capacity to fax and email capabilities, or booklet making features, and all the way to complex graphics control capabilities (don’t worry: chances are you don’t need that one!), your selection can take your lease payment past your comfort zone…

Our consultants are trained to ask the questions you would not think to ask, to make sure you’re not stuck with a copy machine and a lease payment you don’t need. If you want more information, make sure you check out our ultimate Copier Buyer’s Guide: in this free e-book, we’ll show you the step-by-step process to make sure you are asking all the right questions! 

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Maintenance Plan

There are a lot of options, when it comes to maintenance plans: you can choose to pay “time and material”, which means that you will call technical service whenever you need something, and the bill will depend on what needs to be addressed. Or, you can choose a monthly maintenance plan, which includes time, any repair material, and even consumables like toner!

Depending on your print volume, a monthly maintenance service can cost as little as $20 a month (for very low-volume needs) and up. Depending on where you purchase your copier, your local copier dealer may tie your maintenance plan to your lease (which means that you won’t be able to change repair service for the duration of your lease) or offer a separate, yearly plan that can be adjusted and renewed every 12 months.

So, stop wondering how much it costs to lease a copier: give Offix a call today and let us help you navigate the process and get a free, no-obligation copier lease quote.

Do you want to know how much you will spend for a copier lease? Contact us today for a no-obligation quote!