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How the Healthcare Industry Can Cut Print Cost by 30%

Finding new ways to save time and reduce cost is always an important aspect of Healthcare business management. Many hospital administrators feel forced into making spending cuts to close budget gaps. But there is another solution that can save you bigManaged Print Services.

Managed Print Services (MPS) offer an effective solution to keep print costs in check for healthcare professionals, while improving document workflow and printing processes. Although healthcare is a paper-intensive field, many employees click “print” whether they really need a hard-copy document or not, which can result in higher cost of supplies, consumables like printer ink and copier toner, and higher cost per page. MPS reduces waste by streamlining printing across an entire organization with print tracking and monitoring tools, while lowering total printing costs in the process. This allows your staff more time and resources to focus on patient care, rather than print-related tasks, like ordering supplies, repairing devices, or installing new equipment.

Benefits of MPS for Healthcare:

  • Save up to 30% on printing cost
  • Allow valuable IT resources to focus on strategic initiatives
  • Improve sustainability by implementing printing controls
  • Manage devices locally, nationally or worldwide

In addition to reduce your print cost and resource allocation, Managed Print Services provide enhanced print security, which represents a key concern for healthcare administrators. MPS also means the ability to plan and develop cost accounting initiatives and scale to the changing demands of the business.

Contact Offix today, to understand how your healthcare business can benefit from Managed Print Services.

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