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How to Effectively Implement Ethos, Pathos, and Logos Into Your Small Business

Marketing your company or product to your online market can be a very tricky undertaking. The massive number of internet users makes online advertising even more challenging. These numbers make it difficult to customize your campaigns to target a specific demography or customer profile. However, by applying the concepts of ethos, pathos, and logos, you can implement a marketing strategy that will connect easily with your target market and improve your chances of having online business success.


Success in a small online business is associated with ethos. Credible ethos will contribute effectively to the success of any online business. Any person can publish anything online, but it takes a specific amount of ethos to turn a prospective client into a customer. The credibility of your ethos will improve on the trust that your business gets from the online community. You should actively showcase specific tools of credible online resources to ensure the success of your small business. These ethos tools consist of reviews, social media communities, testimonials, and many more. If you can prove your business claims via these third-party tools to prove credibility, then more people will trust you and your publicity efforts will pay off.


Pathos is the emotions that play a huge role in online marketing for small businesses. Creating a compelling brand story can create an emotional connection for your customers with your brand. Although these tools can be powerful, you need to ensure that you are using them appropriately. Studies have shown that there are a few primary feelings that you can effectively utilize in marketing: fear, anger, happiness, and sadness. These emotions will elicit different responses and reactions within the hearts and minds of the target audience. It is this same reason that as a business you should be very careful when using pathos.


Using logos means you are appealing to logic. In logos, you could use statistics, fact sheets, and other types of scientific and logical reasoning. Although logic might be useful in the marketing of products and services, it is recommended that you use the logic sandwich in advertising. In a logic sandwich, you should surround the logical reasoning with emotional appeals to ensure that your advertising is more impactful.

Using ethos, pathos, and logos in developing a marketing strategy for your small business can help create an effective advertising campaign and message. The above tips will improve your marketing strategy and enhance your brand awareness.

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