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How to Foster a Healthy Office Culture

We hear about company culture all the time, but what does it look like in action? Fostering a culture-oriented workplace means your mission statement is always being demonstrated through your and your employees’ engagement and behaviors. If you’re looking for ways to improve your office culture and make people happier, these tips have got you covered.

Open Communication Channels

People who are afraid to share their thoughts and feelings in the workplace are less likely to apply themselves. Closed communication revolves around a hierarchy and ultimately leaves people feeling inferior. Not only does this create a breeding ground for animosity and competition, but it also stops people from living up to their best potential. Have team meetings every week that help people feel comfortable sharing their thoughts. Encourage both positive and constructive feedback. It’s best to always lead with a compliment and follow-up with encouragement.

Keep an Ear Open

There are many different kinds of harassment that can cause a culture to tank, and it’s up to management to identify it first. Many people who are the victims of workplace bullying are afraid to step forward, fearing that reporting their troubles will only make them worse. Power abuse is a common problem that occurs in teams with a rigid structure. Make sure that people in supervisory positions use their authority for good. Hold regular leadership meetings that help people become more effective, empathetic and authentic. Some other signs to watch out for include publicly shaming workers, openly criticizing and insulting others, gossiping, and social isolation. Be aware of any cliques that form within departments and strive to dispel them immediately. An office should be a team, and no team can thrive when there are people playing favorites and ostracizing others.

Create Growth Opportunities

A company that cares about its employees’ personal and professional growth will be celebrated. Offer benefits that allow your workers to improve themselves both at work and in their off-hours. You may include a gym membership, a free book every month or tuition reimbursement for certification or degree programs from accredited institutions. The best thing you can do is to show employees that they aren’t just a title to you. They need to feel like their happiness and well-being matters, and that comes from acknowledging that wellness outside of the workplace impacts their performance in it.

By being open to feedback and seeking authentic dialogue with your employees, you can all work together to foster an office culture that makes everyone feel valued and accepted.

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