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How to Gain Respect as a Manager

Managing employees is a lot of work, but the foundation for success is to ensure that your employees respect you. Being able to gain respect as a manager is essential; however, you can’t expect it to happen all at once. It takes time to build that mutual respect and rapport. Make sure that you follow the tips below so you can ensure the respect that you need.

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Be Consistent

When you are consistent in your position as a manager, it is easier for the employees you manage to trust you and gain respect for you as a leader. Consistency is the key to trust. Without trust, it is difficult if not impossible to gain the respect of the people you work with. Make sure that you are always found doing the work you need to be doing. Be consistent in the way you treat the employees that work under you. There will be employees that jive with you better or worse, but they will notice if they are treated inconsistently. That won’t be good for your relationship with any of the employees you work with.

Take Interest in Employee Performance

The employees you manage will also notice if you are invested in their work and interested in helping them to do better. By showing your interest, you will be able to build a stronger bond while also helping them to perform better on the job. There are many ways to show your interest. For example, performing a Gemba walk can help you identify areas of improvement. This is where you visit the place where your employees are working and look at the work that is being done. Through this practice, you can gain a better understanding of where your employees stand and how you can help them to improve their performance.

Gain Respect as a Manager by Showing Appreciation

Nobody likes to constantly be told what to do while never being appreciated for the work they are already doing. By showing the employees you manage that you appreciate their work, you can build your relationship and earn their respect. Sometimes you can simply show appreciation by saying thank you, but occasionally going above and beyond can make a big difference.

There’s a lot that goes into managing a workplace, but if you do it right, you’ll gain your employees’ respect. Once you have the respect of the employees you work with, your job as a manager will be much easier.

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