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How to Increase Productivity at Your Company

For a business to run as efficiently as possible, it requires that each employee harness the full extent of their capacities. But improving employee productivity doesn’t mean overworking your workers. As much as it may sound counterproductive, there is a lot of evidence that happy employees—those with breaks, a work-life balance, and good company relationships—get more done faster and better.

Set Goals

Employees without a sense of direction or vision are not going to use their time wisely. Furthermore, employees who don’t understand how their contributions affect the company at large will not be as motivated to get things done. According to James Clear, you must help your employees set attainable goals; it’s also important to help your employees identify with your company’s vision and purpose. Help your supervisors and managers understand these principles as well so that they can help their subordinates achieve optimal performance and satisfaction. Don’t be afraid to challenge your employees—but don’t be unrealistic either.

Establish Work-Life Balance

Establishing a healthy work-life balance is one of the best things you can do for the efficiency and effectiveness of your employees. Healthy employees are happy employees because they are less likely to fall asleep on the job, less likely to get into work-related accidents, more likely to arrive at work on time, and less likely to miss work due to sickness. According to Gro Consulting, a well-crafted PTO policy can create a better work-life balance for your employees. Within this policy, allow your employees to have sufficient vacation days, as well as paternity and maternity leave. Doing so will increase your employees’ productivity and satisfaction because they trust that work is a pleasant place to be and they feel supported.

Be Flexible

There is a lot of evidence that flexible work schedules are conducive to a more productive work environment. While some people prefer the class 9-to-5 job, many others do not. According to Hyperbiotics, everyone has a unique internal clock, or circadian rhythm, that causes them to prefer certain wake times, sleep times, and eating times. Being flexible and working alongside your employees’ internal clocks will help you harness their peaks of productivity. For example, if one employee tends to naturally start dozing off around 2 PM, move their allotted lunch schedule to that time so that they can rest without disrupting their work.

In conclusion, the last, most important attributes of a productive work environment include open-mindedness and adaptability. Be willing to make changes that may seem counter-intuitive. Be ready to try new things. Do what you can to increase employee satisfaction which, in turn, will increase their productivity.

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