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How to Market Your Construction Company With a Positive Message

You have worked hard to get your construction business started and you deserve success. One of the keys to making your construction company thrive and succeed is establishing and maintaining a good company image. Here are several steps you should take to better produce that positive image you need to succeed!

Build a Modern Website

Have you ever heard the phrase “you only get one chance to make a first impression”? Well, it is true. Your company’s visual aesthetics are essential to the success of your business. For that reason, make sure that you build a modern website that looks pleasing to the eye and is easily navigable.

For example, make sure that your design choices are coherent and conventional. Get rid of low-quality graphics or any text boxes that are unreadable or unclear. Make sure that your website is easily navigable by putting the most important information in bold and sorting your tabs in a coherent, logical fashion.

Focus on your site’s navigation, to ensure that your most important pages are linked through your top-navigation menu. Make sure you improve your site navigation. If clients can’t easily find what they are looking for, it is less likely that they will continue to visit your website. Make sure that your website is original. If it is too similar to other websites or competitors, you will struggle getting seen online.

Improve SEO

Improving your search engine optimization is essential for any business. To get more customers, your site needs to be one of the first to pop up on search engines. But how do you do that?

Your web content should be refreshed as often as possible, and its copy should be focused on answering the questions your potential customers might be asking to a search engines. Using keywords and phrases that search engine crawlers will consider relevant to a searcher’s query will help your site become more visible.

Make sure that your website has mobile optimization. This means that those researching your website should be able to obtain all the same information from their computer as well as their smart phone without it looking incoherent.


Earn Positive Reviews

Notice the word ‘earn’. No company can just get good reviews from thin air. They must deserve them by delivering good services, delivering them on time, and encouraging customers to leave reviews online. Before expanding your business, make sure that you can satisfy the customers that you already have. That way, your company will earn the good reviews that it needs to encourage others to use your services.

At Offix, we take incredible pride in our customer service. This is why we have high marks and great reviews on Google for our Gainesville, VA location, our Norfolk location and our Richmond location.

Respond to Negative Reviews

Have you ever responded negatively to a service but never heard back? How likely did that make you want to use that service again in the future? Probably hardly likely at all. That is because, in order for a company to better their image, they need to help their customers feel heard and solve any problems as soon as possible.

Frequently check your online reviews and comment on them, whether they be positive reviews or negative reviews. If you come across a negative review, don’t let your pride keep you from responding to the comment—even if the comment came across as illogical or rude. In the end, it is better that you show your customers that you can be the bigger person by responding with patience, humility, and genuine concern. Then, resolve your negative comments as quickly as possible. This will allow customers to see your willingness to make amends and ensure quality service.

Reduce Environmental Harm

Gratefully, more and more people are interested in environmentally green services. In order to show your genuine concern for the health of the earth, try your best to reduce environmentally harmful practices. This will not only impress your clients, but it will also aid in the protection of our planet.

There are many ways to apply environmentally beneficial practices to your construction service. First, make sure that you dispose of toxic chemicals and dangerous waste as safely as possible. Leave less waste at the workplace by consistently cleaning up after yourself during a project. Use materials that were manufactured in a safe, clean way. For example, a bottom dump hopper leaves a smaller footprint than others. These practices will boost your image and also increase efficiency.

Promote Your Work through Banners

If you’re in the construction business, your probably already have a wide format printer or wide format plotter to print, scan and share blueprint or other large-format drawings. Did you know that, with a KIP wide format printer or Canon wide format plotter, you can print large banners on vinyl quickly, efficiently and inexpensively? Imaging promoting your construction company on site by waving the colors of your brand or showing what the site will look when it’s finished. Make sure your logo appears clearly, in addition to your website address and your phone number.

Boost Transparency

Transparency is critical in the workplace, especially between the business and the client. If you aren’t transparent with your customers, your image becomes tainted forever. There is rarely anything you can do to earn that trust back. In order to show better transparency with customers, make sure that you frequently communicate with them. Don’t gloss over details or lie about problems. Be optimistic, but also realistic.

Define and Express Your Values

While everyone works by moral codes and values, those principles and beliefs can’t influence customers or the rest of your business if not explicitly stated. Come to think of it, do you even know where your company’s values lie? If not, today is the day to think about the morals and values that drive your company, and how you can take those values to improve your company’s image.

Once you have decided what your company stands for, make it a priority to share those values with the rest of your employees. Ensure that your customers understand and see those values portrayed in your work. Be true to the values you hold. In the end, everyone will appreciate your morality and desire to be true to what you believe in.

Share Your Story

Just like values, your company story can play an important role in defining what your company stands for and connecting with clients. There must have been a lot of work and effort put into building your business. Share parts of your experience with others. On your website, publish a section about you—who you are and what your story is. Doing so will better portray you and your business as ‘real’ and down-to-earth, improving your company’s image. At Offix, we often boast about our story and even made a video called “The Offix Story”.

Instigate a Healthy Company Culture

Your employees are your best salespeople. Their experiences on the clock will influence how they talk to their friends and family about your company. While nothing is ever perfect, you should try your best to instigate a healthy company culture where you employees feel happy, eager, and excited to work. Doing so will encourage them to genuinely motivate others to use your company’s services, reinforcing a good image for your brand.

Building a positive image for your company takes work but is an essential element in business. Without a positive image, it is nearly impossible to succeed as a company. Following these steps will allow you to show off your strengths and encourage more business.

Part of maintaining a positive image is making sure that your printing processes are efficient and effective. Give us a call to discuss our managed print solutions!