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How Workplace Managers Can Gain Employee Trust

As a workplace manager, you have a lot that you’re in charge of. One thing that you should be considerate of is the trust of your employees. As they say, trust needs to be earned, so be willing to put in the effort to gain your employees’ trust.

Get Involved

One way to establish trust with your employees is by engaging with them and getting involved. To start, you should get to know your employees. What are their interests and passions? Ask them about their professional goals. This is especially important because then you can help to provide them with tools to achieve these goals. You can provide them with training that will help further their skills. Offer them opportunities to grow and progress. Your employees are more likely to trust you if they feel like you are on their side and supporting their efforts. A part of supporting those efforts is recognizing them. Congratulate your employees and acknowledge their achievements.

Promote Safety

When your employees go into work, they expect to be safe and if you ensure a safe environment, they are more likely to trust you. To begin with, you should provide safety training for your employees so they can all be aware of necessary procedures and risks. To enforce this training, you can post signs and labels that remind employees of any policies.

There are many GHS label requirements that business managers need to be aware of. These labels indicate the type of hazards you might see. They include warnings about anything flammable, explosive, toxic, etc. Make sure you are aware of what these labels mean, and which ones apply to your specific workplace. Putting in the extra effort to ensure safety will help build trust with your employees.

Keep Everything Legal

This may seem like a no-brainer, but being open about and defending your employees rights is a sure-fire way to help your employees feel confident that you are on their side. This can be anything from participating in regular diversity and discrimination training, to making sure they are fairly paid for any overtime. It may seem like some of these things aren’t worth it or that they may cost your company money, but standing up for your employees will only bring good things.

Communicate Openly

Trust is often built through honest and open communication. You need to establish good communication with your employees. Part of this is being willing to listen. Be open to their feedback and also listen to any complaints they may have. You want your employees to feel validated. Create an environment where they feel safe sharing their opinions. Similarly, share with them. Share the ups and downs of the business. You want everyone to be on the same page. This is what will help your business successfully move forward. 

Having trust in the workplace is essential to have a productive business. However, building that trust needs to start with you. Connect with your employees and show them why they should trust you as their manager.

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