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HP Large Format Printers

Whether your in the business of construction, architecture, engineering, or design professionals, HP has an assortment of large format printers available to help you accomplish your business goals! As one of the best wide-format printer dealers in the Washington, D.C., Richmond, Norfolk, and Eastern Shore areas, Offix offers superior wide format printer service and purchasing options from HP, including leases, rentals, and purchases.

Benefits of HP Large Format Printers

HP offers some of the best large format printers in the industry. Large format printers, also known as wide format printers and plotters, provide businesses the ability to print on media much larger than a standard copier or printer can. Businesses who need this technology typically require these prints to be highly detailed and need them to be produced relatively quickly, something HP can deliver on every single print. In addition to printing out many large copies, prints can be printed on a variety of media, giving businesses the most flexibility when it comes to utilizing their machine.

When it comes to choosing what brand of printer to get and where to get it from, we offer the most reliable, most experienced, and quickest service for HP devices in your area. Simply put, leasing, renting, or purchasing your equipment from Offix is one of the best business decisions you can make. When you lease, purchase, or rent your office technology with Offix, not only do you get access to lower prices, you get the best service for HP large format printers in Virginia, Maryland, and the Washington D.C. metro area! Start making your business more efficient and saving money with new equipment and service from one of the most trusted brands near you!


Types of HP Large Format Printers

Businesses require different large format printers for a variety of needs. Printers from HP are perfect for businesses that require technical drawings, high-impact graphics, and professional photo-quality prints. Whether you need a small or large volume of prints, there is a printer out there that can meet your volume and help you accomplish your business goals. We offer printers that can print rolls as small as 24 inches wide to as large as 126 inches wide. Learn more about the HP printers we offer and contact one of our consultants today to help you find the perfect machine for your business.

HP DesignJet Printers

The HP DesignJet series of large format printers are the largest line of plotter printers designed to fit your office and budget while providing you with professional quality prints for a variety of applications. Whether you are printing maps, technical drawings, high-impact graphics, or professional photo-quality prints, you are bound to achieve the printing results you’ve been waiting for. The DesignJet printers and plotters deliver solutions for people on the go between construction sites, office, and external presentations.

The all-in-one wireless printers are available in several lengths, colors, and style options including lengths to help you get the most out of your machine. With lengths from 24 inches to 36 inches, colors from monochrome/black and white to full color, and styles that can meet the needs of design-sensitive professionals, you are bound to find a DesignJet printer that meets the needs and aesthetic of your business.

HP DesignJet HD Pro

HP PageWide XL Printers

For businesses looking to increase their cost savings and get faster print speeds, higher resolution, and increased productivity, all while consuming less energy, the HP PageWide XL large format printers are the best option. The HP PageWide XL series offers some of the fastest color and black and white printing available on the market, printing up to 30 D/A1 documents every minute. Because the HP PageWide XL series is equipped with more than 200,000 nozzles on a fixed print bar that reaches the entire width of the document, the printers are able to print documents in record-breaking speeds.

Through its efficiency in printing, the HP PageWide XL printers can save you time on every print you make and save on the energy costs at every printing stage, using half the energy per page compare to equivalent LED printers. Additionally, the HP PageWide XL series allows users to print their documents in higher resolutions, resulting in finer details in dot placements, lines, and smooth grayscales.

HP PageWide XL large format printer

HP STITCH Dye Sublimation Printers

The HP STITCH series of printers takes large format printing to a new level, allowing users to print both on paper and on fabric in a single printer. Utilizing smart technology, the HP STITCH printers are able to communicate between the printer, ink, media, and software to work together and provide the best performance possible to print materials such as sportswear, fashion, soft signage, and interior decor. Printing at resolutions up to 1200 dots per inch, with HP STITCH, you’ll find best-in-class color consistency and get the closest visual color match with PANTONE® emulation. Now with the STITCH series, get some of the largest widths in printing with widths up to 126 inches (10.5 feet), perfect for any business needing industrial-capable printing. For businesses printing on a variety of media, including fabric, the HP STITCH dye-sublimation printers are the most efficient and affordable solution.

In addition to dye sublimation, HP offers a wide variety of other printers that are capable of printing at greater widths. These printers include HP Latex, HP Indigo digital presses, HP PageWide Industrial presses, and other HP Specialty Printing Systems. To find out more, please contact one of our consultants who is ready to help transform your business.

HP STITCH large format printer