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8 Marketing Ideas for Law Firms to Attract New Clients

No matter whether your law practice is a one-man operation or a large firm, it can always benefit from a certain amount of marketing and advertising to be able to reach new, ideal target audiences. While most practices tend to implement a few law firm marketing ideas to improve new client acquisition, most firms tend to skip out on this. The general perception is that the work that a law firm does is what draws in more prospective clients and that this is all they need, to stand out from the crowd. The reality, however, is significantly different, which also means that law firms have to implement marketing strategies just like any other firm to boost their overall productivity and acquire new clients.

While the kind of work that a law firm does, and the caliber of lawyers within the company does make a considerable difference when it comes to their overall reach, marketing strategies can help law firms take this one step further. Even though most firms believe that they don’t need actual law firm marketing ideas, more and more firms are now realizing the immense amount of positives that come along with implementing good ones.

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Good marketing practices can help a law firm significantly, especially when it comes to reaching prospective clients that can benefit them. A good law office marketing strategy can do wonders for a law firm and can enable them to expand beyond the work that they are already engaged in. Online and offline marketing is without a doubt something that can improve how these firms work, and can provide them with an incredible amount of benefits that are unmatched in any other manner.

Implementing a good law office marketing strategy that works well for you and the law firm that you are at is important and something that firms should be looking into. While almost any kind of marketing strategy can help a company that doesn’t already have one, incorporating a good and effective marketing strategy is always something that can help you reach the top. Here are some of the best ways in which you can incorporate a good marketing strategy to improve the reach of your law firm.

1. Improve Your SEO

One of the first and most important things that law firms should do is improve the search engine optimization that they have. For starters, implementing search engine optimization is necessary. When a person is looking out for a law firm, one of the first things that they tend to do is look up a law firm online. They generally put in a few keywords that relate to their situation and then click on the firm that appears at the top of the search result. If you want people to choose your firm, the best solution is to improve your SEO so that your law firm appears at the top of the search results whenever a person searches for a specific set of keywords. Search engine optimization is also important for those who want to boost their customer trust. When a person searches for a certain kind of law firm or something associated with your firm, the website of your firm should appear at the top of the result. People tend to have a positive impression of websites that appear at the top of the search engine and have less faith in websites that appear at the bottom of the search result. This simple change can make or break the visibility of a law firm and is something that firms should always look to improve on.


2. Create Specialized Pages For Your Service

A website is without a doubt incredibly important for those who want to improve the kind of visibility that they have as well as improve their overall reach. When individuals search online for a particular law firm or a particular kind of legal service, they should be redirected to your site and a place where they can get important information about the different facets of the company and the services that they offer. A good practice for law firms is to create individual pages for each of the services that you offer. This enables individuals to easily find what they are looking for without having to sift through numerous pages. For individuals who are accessing the law firm’s main website, having individual pages to denote each service that is offered by the law firm enables them to easily navigate through and find exactly the kind of service that they are in need of. This simple practice makes the entire digital front of the law firm significantly more accessible and this is something that upholds a good message with regards to the workings of the company.

3. Boost Your Brand

Any marketing professional will tell you about the importance of having a good brand image for the work that you do, and the same applies to law firms who are looking to market themselves in a better manner and to a larger audience. The entire process of branding starts with coming up with a strong name, logo, and motto for the company. The name should be something that is easy to remember yet unique, and the logo must be something that represents the values that the company stands for. Corporates don’t always have a company motto, but listing the set of goals that the firm lives by in a place for all to see can help improve the overall image of the brand.

4. Use The Charm Of Traditional Mail

With the abundance of digital communication mediums, the task of actually sending envelopes of mail to people has simply become obscure. However, there is a unique touch to receiving something in the mail, especially when it isn’t what one expects. Sending out updates about your firm, a newlsetter with core-competencies content, or even interesting articles that the company has drafted have proven to be incredibly beneficial for generating more interest in the minds of the people who may need your services. Using postage machines that sort, fold and stuff your content, like the FP Mailing Solutions suite of products, can save a lot of time not just with invoices, but also with customized marketing material.


5. Incorporate Videos

Videos have become one of the most efficient ways to generate brand recall and improve user interest in the content that you post. Videos have proven to be an incredibly efficient way to draw in attention and is something that can help people trust in the brand more. For law firms, the video content that they post should generally revolve around the activities that they perform and the people who make the company a success. Law firms who have videos of their leaders talking about the different facets of the company and the improvements that are being brought about is something that can greatly improve the interest that people have in the work that the firm does. It is important to note that the videos that are being shot should always look professional and should be well-edited. This is because the videos stand as a representation of the quality that is offered by the firm and something that people will consider when making a decision regarding your services.

6. Gather Your Reviews

With the importance of branding on the internet, there is no surprise that good reviews hold a special kind of power that is unmatched by most other forms of content and branding. People often view digital content as ‘generated’ or ‘bought up’, which also means that they won’t inherently trust them as much. Customer reviews, on the other hand, are something that people always perceive to be genuine, which means that they will trust these significantly more. In order to boost the image of the firm, a good approach is to showcase the reviews that customers have left you over time. These can be showcased in a place that is easy to see, mainly because of the positive perception that it creates in the minds of those who are looking to opt for some of your services. You can see reviews for Offix in Gainesville here.

7. Don’t Forget Email Marketing

While social media currently stands as one of the most beneficial means of branding and online marketing, the old trusty email should also be something that firms should incorporate. Formulating a good advertising and marketing strategy is often about trying different approaches that all seamlessly work together to create a good and comprehensive marketing campaign. Emailing those who have previously opted for the services of your company as well as groups that would be interested in what you have to offer is a great way to keep the brand of your law firm in the minds of those reading the emails. Something as simple as giving your mailing list updates about the content on your website is good enough to keep people interested in the firm and can contribute to better overall branding.

8. Offer Good Content

Online content has become the center of all activity on the internet, and showcasing good content that is appealing to all is incredibly important for those who want to draw in eyeballs and get more clicks. Law firms usually have content on their website in the form of articles, reviews or even work that the company has carried out. This kind of content helps the reader get more familiar with the law firm, and helps build the perception that the law firm is well aware of the different intricacies of the law that they practice and has a firm grasp over the services that they offer. This content is also great for appearing on searches that people conduct. Offix does with our blog, and we think you should, too. If for example, a law firm has an article that they have posted about a particular topic, those who want to grow familiar with the topic, or are in need of similar services, will easily be able to find the website of the firm that can help them with this.

Bonus Idea: Hold an Open House

Don’t forget that your place of business is another way to showcase your talent. Holding an open house and inviting prospecting clients is a great way to make a lasting impression. Make sure you plan short and interesting training sessions, or offer a 15-minute one-on-one consultation with your legal team. Use a smartboard to showcase your legal capabilities, give advice or give presentations and legal tips. It’s another way to gather new names and make new connections.

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