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Laser Printers for Business

Printers are certainly staples of modern offices and organizations. They are small, affordable and convenient. Whether you work in a large organization or home office, a laser printer allows you to manage projects quickly and efficiently.

Today’s laser printers allow you print in black and white or color, wirelessly and often with an output quality that rivals that of professional print shops.

The best laser printers for organizations of all sizes

Offix offers the widest selection of laser printers for your organization or home office: choose from top brands like Canon and HP laser printers, by trusting an authorized dealer that services Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC.

One of the most practical and versatile laser printers is the HP LaserJet Pro M452, which prints at speeds of 27 pages per minute (PPM), or the small but powerful Canon imageCLASS LBP228dw, featuring a 40 PPM engine and an intuitive touchscreen designed to simplify and speed up daily print tasks.


What is better: a laser printer or an inkjet printer?

If print quality, speed, and total cost are important factors to you, a laser printer is definitely a better choice than an inkjet printer. Laser printers provide crisp output of texts and images, and run more reliably than their inkjet counterparts.

Inkjet printers may seem like the more economical choice, because their sticker price is lower. The reality, however, is quite different: if you look at Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), you’ll soon discover that owning a laser printer for your business is the most cost-effective choice. TCO takes into consideration efficiency (how fast it takes you to complete a job), reliability (how often your printer malfunctions or produces pages you can’t use) and, most importantly, the cost of supplies – primarily ink.

What’s worse, if you print letters with a color logo, an inkjet will concentrate several colors on top of each other in a small space, causing your paper to come out crinkled and wet. Hardly a professional look, right?

Laser printers are fast, reliable and produce prints with a level of quality you will be proud to show your customers and employees.

How much does an inkjet printer cost?

You can walk out of the store with an inkjet printer under your arm for only a hundred dollars or so, but that’s not what you’ll end up spending. Inkjet printers are suitable only for very low volumes/low quality. If you add the cost of ink, your monthly maintenance cost is going to skyrocket: a full set of cartridges for inkjet printers is about $115. If you go through a set a month (which is not impossible, between volume printing and your cartridge drying out), your one-hundred dollar printer is now costing you $1200 a year. Are you going to keep it for five years? That’s a cool $7,000 to own a printer that outputs mediocre quality.

If you own a business or are part of an organization that prints daily, even a few pages each day, always ask yourself what the cost per page of your investment is, and not just the cost of the actual printer.

Speed is also a factor: if it takes you 10 seconds to print a page with an inkjet printer and 4 seconds with a 25 page per minute (PPM) laser printer, that means you can print in less than half the time. The higher the volume, the more you’re spending your time waiting for pages to print, instead of running your business!

So, don’t waste any more time and money on expensive and impractical printers: call Offix today, and let us show you how a laser printer from Canon or HP can take your business to a new level and save you time and money.

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