Managed Print Solutions

Even if you have not purchased your copiers or printers from OFFIX, Managed Print Services allows you to enjoy substantial savings by letting us manage your entire fleet. We buy in bulk and have direct relationship with manufactures. This means special pricing and savings that we’re able to pass on to you. We also increase your savings further by making your fleet usage as efficient and effective as possible. One vendor, major savings immediately and a more efficient business to boot!

Did you know that most businesses spend tens of thousands of untracked dollars operating printers and copiers and do not know it? Luckily, there’s a way to not only identify and track these costs, but also to reduce them substantially. Experience immediate cost reduction through sourcing optimization, and reduce your medium and long-term cost through optimized fleet setup and intelligent print processes.

Through our Managed Print Solutions services, Offix is able to identify your true and full print-related expenses and reduce your cost of operation immediately and in the long run, through 3-sets of defined activities.

  1. IMMEDIATE SAVINGS through vendor consolidation. One single vendor managing your fleet means savings that add up almost immediately. Offix partners with America’s leading printer and copier manufacturers, giving us the ability to extend our bulk purchase savings and fast-track order capabilities directly to you. Stop worrying about supplies and save money every month while doing that.
  2. RIGHT-SIZE YOUR EQUIPMENT AND SAVE EVEN MORE: after reducing your expenses by benefiting from our manufacturer discounts and relationships, we complete a thorough audit of your systems and processes, and recommend right-sizing. Sometimes it’s about consolidating multiple machines into a single one, or about reducing the number of desktop printers, relocating some of your hardware, or even a combination of them all. In all cases, we are going to work with you to make sure your current processes are not disrupted, and how they can even be improved through each possible solution. In all cases, we will show you projected savings for each scenario.
  3. MAXIMIZE SAVINGS THROUGH RULE-BASED PRINTING: should that document print on your desktop printer, the copier down the hall, or the MFP outside your office? Sophisticated and highly-adaptable rule-based printing logic will determine the best solution in real time, based on the cheapest option for that particular document, the effort required to retrieve it (because time is money!) and your preferences and processes.

Most businesses know the operating cost and volumes associated with their copiers and multifunction printers (MFPs); when it comes to other printers (like desktop printers), however, most companies can’t track cost and use, which translates to unchecked expenses that can have significant impact on the business bottom line.

Most organizations spend more money operating desktop printers than copiers and MFPs and do not know it!  Knowing the true cost of your entire printer fleet means efficient use and substantial savings.

What are Offix Managed Print Services?

Offix Managed Print Services is a comprehensive package to optimize the potential of your fleet of output devices (laser printers, MFPs and copiers).

Whether you choose a single activity or the entire suite, you can be sure that partnering with Offix will make your business or organization more efficient. Our approach is simple.

Here’s what we can do for you:

  1. Current Cost Report: Provide an overview of the real cost of your entire current print fleet
  2. Analysis of your current fleet and processes to identify inefficiencies and savings opportunities
  3. Hardware Improvement: Identify opportunities to reduce or change inefficient or underutilized hardware
  4. Software and Process Improvement: Through a thorough analysis of your current workflows and processes, our consultants will design software workflows that maximize efficiency and reduce cost by automatically routing jobs to the machine that provides the fastest, most efficient and least expensive results for that specific print job.
  5. Continuous Improvement: Regularly monitor process and equipment performance, share data findings with you, and provide recommendations to constantly improve performance.

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Why Should You Use Managed Print Services?

Managed Print Services focus on the optimization of current workflows to increase productivity. Higher productivity means higher profits. The results are clear:

  • Provide total fleet management and immediate savings
  • Reduce overall operating costs
  • Increase productivity
  • Provide HP OEM supplies – automatically shipped directly to the user
  • Provide on-going data on volumes, department billing and tracking
  • Simplify printing needs with one vendor offering same day on-site service
  • Reduce environmental impact

Our proven processes have helped companies of all sizes become more efficient and productive, while reducing long-term cost.

Offix Managed Print Solutions are Designed to:

  • Increase productivity and lower overall operating costs
  • Eliminate up to 30% of total print costs
  • Reduce environmental impact
  • Provide total print-fleet management and immediate savings
  • Have all equipment summarized in one location
  • Provide statistics of all equipment usage, departmental billing and tracking
  • Automatically provide all supplies for covered machines
  • Simplify printing needs with one dealer


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Stresses of Managing your Print Fleet

Unknown Costs

  • Supplies
  • Color Copies
  • Maintenance
  • Production / Efficiency
  • Electricity

Set Costs

  • Fixed Cost Per Copy
  • Supplies Included
  • Regular monthly invoice based off what you print
  • Ability to monitor your own equipment and costs

Frustrating Processes

  • 1 process for supplies and another for service
  • Too much paperwork!

We make it simple!

  • Combined service and supplies contract
  • Receive supplies before you even need them!

Multiple Vendors

  • Do you use multiple vendors for supplies and consumables?

1 Vendor

  • Let us take care of it all
  • 1 contract, 1 vendor
  • Pay only for what you print


  • Last minute supply shipping charges
  • Incorrect print coverage setup, increasing costs and toner usage.

Great Value

  • We will work with you to get you all set up so that you will save up to 30% of total print costs! And be stress free!