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Selecting the right OCE office products can be pivotal to your business’s operational efficiency. Offix offers OCE’s high-quality printers, copiers, and multifunction devices tailored for various business needs. Learn how these products can simplify your workload, enhance productivity, and maintain the reliability you expect, with a deeper look into each offering and the support that surrounds them.

Key Takeaways

OCE Office Equipment Lineup

Service & Support

Tailored Solutions

OCE Ergonomic Desks

Digital Convenience

The Legacy of Offix

Key Takeaways

OCE Printers & Copiers

OCE Office Equipment, distributed by Offix, offers a comprehensive lineup of high-quality printers, multifunction devices, and copiers designed to enhance business efficiency and productivity.

Service and Support

Offix provides an exceptional customer service experience with perks such as guaranteed response times, a 95% uptime guarantee, and additional support like free delivery, installation, and training for OCE products.

Trust & Excellence

With a focus on tailored solutions specific to individual business needs, Offix ensures flexibility with adaptable leasing and upgrade options, while their legacy of excellence and community involvement since 1999 builds trust and reliability.

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Exploring the OCE Office Equipment Lineup

In the bustling heart of every business lies the necessity for reliable office equipment, and OCE delivers just that. With a lineup that boasts printers, copiers, and multifunction devices, OCE stands as a beacon of productivity for businesses looking to streamline their operations. Offix, serving as the trusted purveyor of OCE solutions in the Washington DC Metro area, takes pride in outfitting local enterprises with precisely the tools they need to thrive.

With a finger on the pulse of industry demands, OCE’s equipment is crafted to enhance efficiency and bolster the bottom line. Now, we’ll examine the specific product offerings that distinguish OCE as a leader in office solutions.

High-Quality Printing Solutions

The quest for immaculate prints ends with OCE’s high-quality printing solutions. The imagePRESS series, with models like the C65 and the C850/C750, are tailor-made for creative industries, offering high print speeds and versatile media handling that adapts to your needs. The imagePRESS C10000VP/C8000VP Color Digital Production Press exemplifies OCE’s dedication to facilitating business growth through production excellence.

For those seeking versatility, OCE offers a range of printers with different capabilities:

  • The VarioPrint i-series combines inkjet cost efficiency with the robust capabilities of sheet-fed printers.

  • The VarioPrint 6000+ series and the groundbreaking imagePRESS 1110+ series ensure high image quality for monochrome printing.

  • The VarioStream 8000 line is designed for high-volume printing.

  • The JetStream Dual series is scalable to meet the needs of a growing business.

OCE’s printers are engineered to keep pace with your growing business.

Multitasking with Multifunction Devices

Efficiency is not just about doing more in less time; it’s also about doing it smarter. OCE’s multifunction devices are the epitome of smart office equipment, combining:

  • Printing

  • Scanning

  • Copying

  • Faxing

In one sleek package, these all-in-one machines not only streamline the office setup but also reduce the need for multiple devices, thus decluttering the workspace and potentially saving on costs. Additionally, they simplify the loading process of various tasks, making work more efficient and easy to manage from a single page.

These versatile devices boost office productivity and workflow by incorporating processes like direct printing and scanning to email. Space-saving solutions come with the added benefit of consolidated office functions, a testament to OCE’s commitment to providing effective and efficient office solutions.


Copying Excellence with OCE Copiers

When it comes to high-volume copying, OCE copiers are designed to perform with precision and endurance, catering to even the most intensive copying requirements. Featuring large paper capacities and swift output, these copiers are geared to keep up with the bustling pace of busy office environments. Advanced image processing technology ensures that each copy is sharp and accurate, reflecting the quality your business upholds.

These copiers offer:

  • Consistent output

  • Long service life

  • Durable components

  • Automatic quality controls

  • Toner density adjustments

With exceptional uptime, OCE copiers provide the reliable performance necessary for continuous business operations, ensuring that your productivity never skips a beat.

The Offix Advantage: Service & Support

The Offix advantage is not solely about supplying top-tier OCE office products; it’s about enveloping those products in a blanket of exceptional service and support. Offix recognizes that the installation of new equipment marks the beginning of a relationship, not the end of a transaction. Their technicians ensure seamless integration of your OCE office equipment, including all necessary network connections, right from the start.

Additionally, Offix enhances the value of each leasing agreement or purchase by including free delivery and installation, easing the setup process. Add to this their 15-month equipment and/or money-back guarantee, and you have a partnership that’s built on trust and a commitment to your satisfaction.

Guaranteed Response Times

Recognizing the importance of time in business, Offix ensures industry-leading guaranteed response times. Promising a 4-hour response time for service requests, Offix ensures that help is always on the way when you need it most. Should a rare delay occur, Offix's policy to offer one month of free service as compensation exemplifies their dedication to accountability and customer care.

In some instances, Offix goes above and beyond, offering service response guarantees as low as two hours, reflecting their unyielding commitment to surpassing customer expectations.

Uptime Commitment

Committed to minimizing downtime, Offix maintains a 95% uptime guarantee as a fundamental part of its service philosophy. This guarantee is not just a number; it’s a promise to keep your operations running smoothly during normal business hours. Should they ever fall short of this high standard of reliability, Offix stands ready to rectify the situation with credit for one month’s worth of service, ensuring that your trust in their equipment and their support remains unshaken.

Elite Dealer Recognition

Reputation in the office technology space is hard-earned, and Offix wears its Elite Dealer status as a badge of honor. With accolades from respected industry publications such as ENX magazine, Offix's reputation as a leader in office technology solutions is both well-deserved and well-documented. Further solidifying their commitment to technical excellence, Offix has achieved 100% ATSP Certification for over 16 years, ensuring that their technicians and engineers are among the best in the field.

The recognition as an Elite Dealer and one of the few Canon ATSP-certified organizations in the country in 2022 highlights Offix's proficiency and expertise, affirming its position as an authority in office technology.

Tailored Solutions for Every Business Need

Offix acknowledges the uniqueness of every business. That’s why they provide customized programs designed to enhance your business’s efficiency and maximize your investment returns. Their Solutions Executives delve into your specific needs to develop personalized plans that ensure the high uptime and reliability you deserve.

From managed print services with leasing options tailored to your business’s financial considerations to service and supply planning that evolves with your business’s growth and volume requirements, Offix demonstrates a laser-focused commitment to delivering specific office solutions that make a difference.

Free Training and Installation

Offix simplifies the process of implementing new office equipment by providing free delivery, installation, and comprehensive training services. Their promise to provide these services with every lease and purchase ensures that you can hit the ground running with your new OCE office products.

Moreover, the value of Offix's support doesn’t end there; they also offer complimentary training for new employees and refresher courses, ensuring that your team is always equipped to use the equipment efficiently and effectively.

Flexible Leasing and Upgrade Options

Offix accommodates the need for flexibility in the dynamic business landscape with adaptable leasing and upgrade options. With a guarantee of 36-month lease upgrades, Offix ensures that your business remains equipped with the latest office technology to meet your evolving needs.

Clients benefit from the ability to upgrade their equipment anytime during their 12, 24, or 36-month leases, allowing for seamless adaptation to new business challenges or growth opportunities. Should you ever face an unexpected equipment downtime that exceeds 24-48 hours, Offix's commitment to providing comparable loaner equipment free of charge is just another way they prioritize your continuous productivity.

Optimizing Your Office Space with OCE Desks and Supplies

Beyond office equipment, the physical layout of your workspace can have a significant impact on productivity and employee well-being. OCE’s selection of office desks is curated to cater to the varied needs of different workspace sizes and employee preferences. With ergonomic designs that enhance posture and comfort, these desks are more than just furniture; they’re a catalyst for productivity.

Whether you’re an executive in need of a desk that reflects your status or a creative professional looking for a collaborative workspace, OCE has desk configurations for every role. Ergonomics isn’t an afterthought; it’s a priority, with desks designed to reduce discomfort during those long work hours.

Streamlined Desk Solutions

The selection of the right desk hinges on comprehending the specific requirements of each job title and work style. OCE office desks address the variety of needs within a company, from the executive’s need for integrated storage solutions to the open desk formats that foster creativity and collaboration.

Ergonomic design and innovative features like built-in charging stations and adjustable heights ensure functionality and a productive workspace, making OCE desks a key component in the efficient office equation.

Essential Office Supplies at Your Fingertips

Essential supplies are integral to a fully functioning office. OCE’s comprehensive range of office supplies includes everything from ink and toner to paper and storage solutions, ensuring that you have everything you need at your fingertips.

With a focus on convenience and efficiency, OCE makes sure that the essential supplies are readily available, allowing you to maintain a seamless workflow and keep your focus on what truly matters – growing your business.

Online Convenience: Accessing OCE Products and Support

OCE’s online store exemplifies the convenient access to products and services brought about by the digital age. With an intuitive user interface, customers can effortlessly navigate through a comprehensive product catalog, making the process of finding the right office equipment a breeze. The online experience is further enhanced by easy account creation, which allows customers to create order tracking and history, and a secure transaction process that reassures customers every step of the way.

Intuitive Online Store Experience

OCE’s online store showcases a user-friendly design that provides smart recommendations and an adaptive interface that updates to suit user preferences. Customization and personalization are at the core of this experience, providing a tailored shopping journey for every customer.

To make online shopping for office equipment as seamless as possible, OCE’s store ensures that every click brings you closer to the products you need, with all the information you require to make well-informed decisions.

Ready Assistance from the Support Team

OCE and Offix are prepared to assist, whether you need advice on choosing the right office equipment or support for an existing product. The dedicated support team can be reached at 1-844-443-INFO for any questions or issues, ensuring that you receive the help you need without delay.

Self-help options guide customers through initial troubleshooting, while Offix's commitment to providing complimentary training ensures that your team is proficient in operating OCE equipment, all at no additional charge.

The Legacy of Offix: A Trusted Partner Since 1999

Far from being a newcomer, Offix boasts a rich legacy in the office technology industry that spans more than two decades. Since its inception in 1999, Offix has been dedicated to delivering the best service in the industry, a mission that remains at the heart of its operations today.

With a consistent track record of receiving recognition from Canon USA as a leading service provider, Offix’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is evident in every aspect of its business, including its partnership with Canon Solutions America.

A Journey of Excellence

The journey of Offix is a testament to its steadfast commitment to service excellence. From the day it was founded on July 20, 1999, Offix's mission has been to equip businesses with the finest office technology and equipment, a commitment that has only strengthened over time. The company’s history is studded with milestones and achievements that underscore its role as a trusted partner to businesses in the Washington DC, Virginia, and Maryland areas.

Securing a place among a select group of dealers nationwide, Offix has consistently upheld the ATSP certification, cementing its reputation for superior service. Its technicians, through rigorous training and device-specific education, uphold the ATSP standards, ensuring that every job is done right.

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To encapsulate, OCE office products, facilitated by Offix's exemplary service and support, present a compelling case for businesses looking to maximize efficiency and productivity. The synergy between OCE’s advanced office equipment and Offix's tailored solutions and responsive service forms a robust foundation for businesses to build upon. From high-quality printing solutions to ergonomic office desks, the offerings are diverse and designed to meet the unique demands of modern businesses.

Embracing the Offix advantage means not only accessing cutting-edge office technology but also benefiting from a legacy of trust and excellence that dates back to 1999. With a steadfast commitment to customer satisfaction and an undeniable presence in the community, Offix stands as a beacon of reliability, innovation, and support for businesses in their pursuit of operational excellence. Contact Offix today to get started on your OCE office product rentals.


Frequently Asked Questions

What types of office equipment does OCE provide?
OCE provides high-quality printers, multifunction devices, and copiers to enhance business efficiency.
Can Offix guarantee quick service response times?
Yes, OFFIX guarantees a 4-hour response time for service requests and provides compensation for any delays in meeting this standard, and in some cases, they can even offer response times as low as two hours.
Does Offix offer any guarantees with their office equipment?
Yes, OFFIX offers a 95% uptime guarantee and a 15 15-month equipment and/or money-back guarantee for their office equipment, demonstrating their commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction.
Are there training opportunities available for OCE office products?
Yes, OFFIX provides free training for new employees or refresher courses on OCE equipment to help businesses utilize their office products efficiently and effectively.
How does Offix support the community?
Offix supports the community by participating in volunteer networks and chambers of commerce, showcasing a commitment to community service across different regions.
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