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Personnel Issues That Can Hurt Workplace Productivity

Good companies may start with good ideas, but they’re made with good people. As a manager, if you find your hands full with routine employee issues and are less than happy with your personnel, chances are it may be affecting your business. Here are a few common personnel issues that can hurt workplace productivity and affect your bottom line.

Unproductive Employees

Unproductive employees can be a big contributor to your company’s overall productivity. Unproductive employees are employees that don’t work at their full capacity, and complain instead of trying to solve problems. And perhaps worst of all, they eat up lots of other people’s time and can distract focused employees from their work.

Most managers know that they don’t want unproductive employees, but sometimes these workers are hard to spot. According to Liberty Staffing, knowing the red flags of unproductive employees can help you hone in on the problem early and nip it in the bud. When you do identify an unproductive employee, though, try first talking with them instead of moving straight to disciplinary action. Your employee will probably respond positively, and at the very least appreciate a talk over an immediate canning.

High Turnover

There’s no doubt that a high turnover rate can hurt your business. It not only causes you stress, but it can also stress you workers out. According to ROI Solutions, high turnover can place a burden on the rest of your employees. High turnover rates may also contribute to an overall nervous or negative office culture. Employees talk, and if there is a constant stream of workplace exits it’s bound to be the subject of much office gossip. As a manager, you should also be concerned about high turnover rates. It’s important to find out why people are leaving and what factors made them go.

Workplace Culture

Both unproductive employees and high turnover rates can contribute to a negative workplace culture. Workplace culture refers to the environment and atmosphere that is created at a workplace, whether by the company, outside forces, or a combination of both. You should care about your workplace culture because, overall, negative workplace cultures cost companies billions each year. According to Breathe HR, positive workplace cultures are ones that promote growth, transparency, and have built-in flexibility. Creating a positive workplace culture isn’t something that’s going to happen overnight, but you should be brainstorming constantly about how to get there. 

A company hires people in exchange for a good return, but sometimes the work is subpar. If your business suffers from low productivity, don’t wait to address it. Paying attention to your workplace culture, your turnover rates, and to the productivity rates of your employees are all great steps towards making your business more successful!

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