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Rent a PostBase Mini Starting at $12.95/month

Please, contact me about a PostBase Mini and how I can save 10% on my postage


The Mini can process up to 17 letters per minute and is perfect for small businesses with light mail volume. Adopting PostBase’s award-winning design in a brilliantly small form, the Mini features a color touch screen that makes setup and operations as easy as withdrawing cash on an ATM. This meter is also quiet as a typical office conversation, making it a perfectly polite office mate.

When you pre-purchase your postage, the United States Post Office rewards you by charging you 5 cents less for every stamp you buy. Imagine: saving 10% on every letter you send. All day long!

UPGRADE TO OUR UNLIMITED PACKAGE: ($18.95/mo.) includes unlimited resets and RateGuard, providing free, automatic rate updates.

Compare us to the competition: no price increases for the duration of your rental! Some rental programs will offer introductory rates that start at just a few dollars but double or triple over time. With Offix and the PostBase Mini, there are no hidden costs.