Duplo DC-618 Slitter/Cutter/Creaser

The Duplo DC-618 Slitter/Cutter/Creaser is an all-in-one finishing solution processing up to 6 slits, 30 cuts, and 20 creases in one pass. This all-in-one powerful finishing solution is designed to deliver up to 23 sheets per minute of business cards, gate-fold invitations, direct mailers, brochures, book covers, and many other marketing materials. The Duplo DC-618 Slitter/Cutter/Creaser allows you to bring finishing in-house and provides an ease of use PC Controller software to help you finish your documents in a familiar interface to your copier or printer. The DC-618 Slitter/Cutter/Creaser is Duplo’s bestselling all-in-one finishing solution for short runs, an alternative to the DC-746, DC-646, DC-616, DC-516, DC-446 models.



Specifications – Duplo DC-618 Slitter/Cutter/Creaser

For more information on the Duplo DC-618 Slitter/Cutter/Creaser, view the brochure.

SPEED Up to 23 pages per minute (8.5″x 11″ 2 cuts,1 crease and CCD scanner off)
INPUT PAPER SIZE 8.26” x 8.26” to 13” x 39.3” (210 mm x 210 mm to 330.5 mm x 1,000 mm)
MIN. FINISHED SIZE 1.89” x 1.97” (48 mm x 50 mm)
TOLERANCE ± 0.3 mm business cards; ± 0.2 mm on programmed position
FEEDER CAPACITY 3.9” (100 mm)
PAPER WEIGHT 110 – 400 gsm
SLITS Up to 6 per sheet
CUTS Up to 30 per sheet
CREASES Up to 20 per sheet
MEMORY 250 jobs using the control panel
STANDARD FEATURES Air knife, card stacker, fan registration, automatic gutter slit deflectors, crease depth and width adjustment, ultrasonic double feed detection sensor, feed skew adjustment, batch separation, waste box, emergency stop switch, CCD scanner, PC Controller software, PC pole mount, long paper tray, LCD color touchscreen panel
OPTIONS PC and PC Arm, side air kit, 48” long conveyor stacker, and TF375 PLUS In-Line Folder

PFM-04 Manual Perforation Module includes 2 perforation manually adjustable tools.

RTM-08 Rotary Tool Module includes 2 each of perforation, micro-perforation, and scoring tools.

Up to 2 RTM-08s can be installed in the unit at one time, replacing slitter modules. The OMK-13/14 Motor Kits must be installed when using both.

CPM-08 Cross Perforation Module includes 1 each of perforation and micro-perforation tools.

The OMK-13 Motor Kit must be installed when using only one RTM-08 or CPM-08 module.

The OMK-13/14 Motor Kits must be installed when the RTM-08 and CPM-08 are being used together.

DIMENSIONS (WxDxH) 67″ x 32″ x 44″ (1,690 mm x 810 mm x 1,125 mm)
NET WEIGHT 375 lb. (170 kg)