Duplo iSaddle System

The Duplo iSaddle System is a high volume collator and saddle stitcher that can deliver up to 5,000 books per hour. Able to produce the trending letter landscape booklet, the iSaddle System combines PC-based programming and intelligent feeding to help handle short run jobs with ease and efficiency. The iSaddle System’s modular design enables users to add three-knife trimming capabilities, boosting production up to 9,000 books per hour. No matter the output required for your business or customers, the iSaddle System can provide you with automation and precision needed, on-demand. The iSaddle System is a middle-of-the-road collator and saddle stitching alternative to the iSaddle Digital System and iSaddle Duetto System



Specifications – Duplo iSaddle System

For more information on the Duplo iSaddle System, view the brochure.

MAX. BOOKLET 1-UP PRODUCTION SPEED4,500 booklets/ hr 5.83” x 8.27” (1 subset) up to 10 sheets

Booklet production can vary depending upon the number of pages and subsets

MAX BOOKLET 2-UP PRODUCTION SPEEDUp to 9,000 booklets/ hr

(When connected with DKT-200 Trimmer using Gutter Cut Module)

MAX. BOOKLET THICKNESS0.24”/6 mm (30 sheets of 80 gsm folded/ 120 page booklet)
MAX. PAPER WIDTH14.01” (356 mm)- when the paper length is 20” (508 mm) or less.

9.06” (230 mm)- when the paper length is more than 20” (508 mm)

MAX. PAPER LENGTH24.02” (610 mm) – When paper width is 9.06” (230 mm) or less

20” (508 mm) – When paper width is more than 9.06”(230 mm)

MIN. PAPER WIDTH4.74” (120 mm)
MIN. PAPER LENGTH8.27” (210 mm)
FINE QUALITY PAPERMin: 64 gsm/ Max: 157 gsm/ Cover: 64 gsm – 300 gsm
ART COATED PAPERMin: 84.9 gsm/ Max: 157 gsm/ Cover: 84.9 – 300 gsm
MAX. TRIM (DBMS-T)0.98” (25 mm) or up to 2.95” (75 mm) with 12 sheet or less
MAX TRIMMING THICKNESS (DBMS-T)0.24” (6 mm) (30 sheets of 22/lb./ 81.4 gsm folded.

Equivalent to trimming 60 sheets)

MAX STITCHING CAPACITY3 mm (30 Sheets of 80 gsm)
DISTANCE BETWEEN STITCH HEADS MIN./MAX.2 Stitch Heads: 2.36” to 12.05 (60 mm to 306 mm); 3 Stitch Heads (Optional): 4.73” to 12.04” (120 mm to 306 mm) Center Stitch Head is fixed; 4 Stitch Heads (Optional): 2.37” to 4.84” (60 mm to 186 mm) distance between inner stitch heads; 2.37” to 4.84” (60 mm to 123 mm) distance between outer stitch heads and inner stitch heads
DISTANCE BETWEEN INNER STITCH HEADSAdjustable to 2.16” (55 mm) using fine adjustment.
STITCHING HEADSHohner 43/5 S Stitch Heads (x2) (Optional: 3 or 4)
MAX. HEAD AND FOOT TRIM (DKT-200)1.18” (30 mm) from head and foot of booklet for a total trim amount of 2.36” (60 mm)
MINIMUM HEAD AND FOOT TRIM (DKT-200)0.04” (1 mm) from head and foot of booklet for a total trim amount of 0.08” (2 mm)
DKT-200 OPTIONS GUTTER CUT (DKT-200)6mm Gutter Cut Knife Module

Offset trim with manual control (Adjustable from 1 to 21 mm)Batch Kicker Unit

THICKNESS OF 1 SUB-SET2 – 10 sheets. Maximum thickness up to 0.04” (1.0 mm).

May require multiple subsets depending on paper type and weight

SCORING AND FOLDING CAPACITY2-10 Sheets. Maximum thickness up to 0.04” (1.0 mm).

May require multiple subsets depending on paper type and weight

MAX. FINISHED BOOKLET SIZE (UNTRIMMED)14.01”(W) x 10”(L) (356 mm x 254 mm) or

9.06”(W) x 12.01”(L) (230 mm x 305 mm)

MIN. FINISHED BOOKLET SIZE (UNTRIMMED)4.72”(W) x 4.13”(L) (120 mm x 105 mm)


14.01”(W) x 9.96”(L) (350 mm x 253 mm) or

9.06”(W) x 11.97”(L) (230 mm x 304 mm)



4.72” (W) x 2.95” (L) (120 mm x 75 mm)
MAX FINISHED BOOKLET SIZE 2-UP PRODUCTION6.85”(W) x 10”(L) (174 mm x 254 mm)
MIN FINISHED BOOKLET SIZE 2-UP PRODUCTION3.54”(W) x 2.95”(L) (90 mm x 75 mm)
CONTROL PANELPC Controller with Intelligent Multi Bin Feeding (IMBF)
JOB MEMORIESInfinite (Utilizes PC Memory)
DETECTIONStitch detection, Jam detection and Cover Open
DIMENSIONS (WXDXH) & NET WEIGHTSDBMS-F2: 55.55” x 36.22” x 35.35” – 756.32 lb. (343 kg)

DBMS-S: 72.68” x 36.82” x 45.75” – 941.37 lb. (427 kg)

DBMS-T: 28.27” x 27.56” x 46.73” – 606 lb. (275 kg)

DKT-200 & DKT-LS: 90.63” x 31.5” x 46.02” – 1,040.58 lb. (472 kg)

POWER SUPPLY200 -240V, 50/60 Hz, 1.1 A to 2.7 A, 165 W to 410W
CONNECTING DEVICESDSC-10/60i Air Suction Collating Towers; DSF-2200 Digital Sheet Feeder

DKT-200 Head and Foot Trimmer; DCR-ST Stacker (Criss Cross) and

DCR-BP (Bypass) ; 400STR Stacker (Straight & Offset Stacking)

OPTIONS3 Stitch Head Kit; 4 Stitch Head Kit; 6 Page Cover Insert Kit (for DSC-10/60i only); Sheet by Sheet Air Kit
CONFIGURATIONSiSaddle and iSaddle Duetto
BIN CAPACITY2.56” (65 mm)
PAPER SIZEMax: 14” (W) x 20” (L) ( 356 mm x 508 mm)

Min 4.13” (W) x 5.83” (L) (105 mm x 148 mm)

PAPER SIZE OVER 508 MM IN LENGTHMax: 9.06” (W) x 24” (L) (230 mm x 610 mm)
FINE QUALITY PAPERMin: 52 gsm./ Max: 157 gsm/ Cover: 52 gsm. to 300 gsm
ART COATED PAPERMin: 79 gsm/ Max: 157 gsm/ Cover: 79 gsm. to 300 gsm
MAX BOOKLET PROCESSING SPEEDUp to 4,500 Booklets/ hr. into iSaddle System A5 (5.83” x 8.27”)

Up to 10,000 sets/hr. into Jogger or Stacker A5 (5.83” x 8.27”) LEF

DETECTIONMiss, Double, Paper Jam and Empty Bin Sensors
POWER SUPPLY120V, 60Hz, 8.4A, 960W
FEATURESIntelligent Multi Bin Feeding (IMBF), Block Mode, A4 landscape, Hand

Marry Mode, Hand Feeding Mode, Total counter, Batch and Reject tray.

NET WEIGHT673.50 lb. (303.5 kg)
DIMENSIONS (W x D x H)33.66” x 32.68” x 77.64” (855 mm x 830 mm x 1,972 mm)
OPTIONSThe iSaddle System has optional Ultrasonic Double Sheet Detection

DSC10/60 Envelop Kit ( compatible with A and B towers only

CONNECTING DEVICESiSaddle; DBM-500; DBM-350 (Using LCD Control Panel Only);

DSF-2200 Sheet Feeder (In Duetto configuration);

DCR-ST Stacker (Criss Cross); DBM-400STR Stacker (Straight & Offset

Stacking); DBM-400STL ( Using LCD Control Panel Only)

CONFIGURATIONSiSaddle Digital or iSaddle Duetto
PAPER CAPACITYMain feed tray: 7.87” (200 mm) media stack height

Auxilary feed tray: 2.56” (65 mm) media stack height

PAPER SIZEMax 14.01”(W) x 20”(L) (356 mm x 508 mm)

Min 4.13”(W) x 7.87”(L) (105 mm x 200 mm)

PAPER SIZE OVER 508 MM IN LENGTHMax 9.05”(W) x 24”(L) (230 mm x 610 mm)
PAPER WEIGHTFrom 60 – 300 gsm
CONTROLSPC controlled job programming, save and recall, automated set-up

Microsoft Windows-Based GUI (Graphical User Interface)

STANDARD FEATURESOMR (Optical Mark Reader) end-of-set mark reader; Ultrasonic Double

Sheet Detection; Alternate Function; Active Anti-Static bar

OPTIONAL BARCODE READER KIT1D & 2D Barcode recognition on both trays

Codes Supported: Code 39, 93, 128, 2of5, Datamatrix

OPTIONSTrail Edge Air Kit (Extra air for long sheet sizes up to 24” (610 mm) in Length)

Pre-loading Tray kit (Pre-loading stack of sheets on trolley)

POWER SUPPLY100 – 240V, 50/60Hz, 2.6 to 1.1 A, 260W
NET WEIGHT253.53 lb. (115 Kg)
DIMENSIONS (W x D x H)36.22” x 29.53” x 33.21” (920 mm x 750 mm x 843.5 mm)