Formax AP3 Monochrome Digital Address Printer

The Formax AP3 Monochrome Digital Address Printer combines speed and versatility, printing addresses on up to 26,000 envelopes or 34,000 postcards per hour. Perfect for businesses with medium levels of volume, the AP3 can print resolutions from 150 to 600 DPI and has an image area of 3″ high by 17″ long. Additionally, the AP3 Monochrom Digital Address Printer comes with an integrated feeder and can handle materials up to 3/8″ thick, printing on coated and uncoated media using optional inks.

The AP3 Monochrome Digital Address Printer has the option to come with the AP10 3-foot conveyor/stacker, and infrared dryer, and thermal inkjet cartridges.


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Specifications – Formax AP3 Monochrome Digital Address Printer

For more information on the AP3 Monochrome Digital Address Printer, read the brochure.

Print Technology: Thermal inkjet, 6 high capacity cartridges
Addressing Speed: Up to 26,000 #10 envelopes/hour

Up to 34,000 postcards/hour

Print Quality: Up to 600 x 600 DPI
Imaging Area: Up to 3” x 17”
Material Size: Min: 5” L x 3” W

Max: 15” L x 13.5” W

Material Thickness: Up to 9.5mm / 3/8”
Duty Cycle: Up to 1,000,000 per month
Memory: Up to 16GB
Counters: Batch, job, lifetime
Print Head Layout: 3-pen stitched + 3-pen stitched design
Fonts: All TrueType fonts available on PC
Ink Monitor: Intelligent cartridge tracking
Feeder Capacity: Up to 500 #10 envelopes
Print Orientation: Right to left
Software: Drivers for Windows 7 and higher
PC Interface: USB 3.0, Ethernet
Diagnostics: Built into firmware
Dimensions: 29” L x 23” D x 21” H
Weight: 80 lbs.
Power: 115VAC 50/60 Hz