Formax Atlas C150 High-Speed Automatic Creaser

The Atlas C150 High-Speed Automatic Creaser from Formax is capable of creasing and perforating up to 8,500 sheets per hour. The Atlas C150 is ready to handle documents up to 27.5″ x 15″ in size and can make up to 30 creases per sheet. The touchscreen and the top-loading vacuum allow users to process large volumes of documents with ease, making the Atlas C150 perfect for production environments. The Atlas C150 Automatic Creaser and Perforator is capable of handling paper weights from 80-400gsm. 



Specifications – Formax Atlas C150 High-Speed Automatic Creaser

For more information on the Atlas C150 High-Speed Automatic Creaser, read the brochure.

Speed:Up to 8,500 sheets per hour * (8.5” x 11”)
Sheet Size:Max: 27.5” x 15” (51” X 15” w/std. extension table)

Min: 8.2” x 3.89”

Paper Thickness:Max: 0.015” (400gsm)    Min: : 0.0035” (75gsm)
Creases per Sheet:Up to 30
Min. Repeat Crease Distance:0.0039” (depending on paper weight)
Programmable Jobs:Unlimited
Max. Loading Capacity:Up to 7.8” (4” for sheet lengths greater than 27.5”)
Stacker Capacity:Up to 4.7” high

With Feed Table Fully Extended:

66.5” L x 28.7” W x 45.7” H

100” L x 28.7” W x 45.7” H

Weight:551 lb.
Power:100-240V, 50/60Hz, 8-4A